The Commonwealth of Australia has been usurped by stealth and subterfuge by politicians who work for political parties and their stakeholders not ‘We the People’. Minions of the Labor Party are the foot soldiers who do the bidding for their masters at the United Nations. See the Labor Party Constitution.

Bob Hawkes sinister ‘Australia Act 1986’ changed the constitution without a referendum. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) cannot be altered in this way unless there is a referendum where ‘We the People’ vote otherwise. Australians voted ‘NO’ to a republic three times yet it is happening unlawfully right before our eyes.

Bob Hawke, Prime Minister/Sinister of the Commonwealth and the Premiers of the States at conferences held in Canberra on 24 and 25 June 1982 and 21 June 1984 agreed on the taking of certain measures to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation”.

1  Termination of power of Parliament of United Kingdom to legislate for Australia.

2  Legislative powers of Parliaments of States

3  Termination of restrictions on legislative powers of Parliaments of States

4  Powers of State Parliaments in relation to merchant shipping

14  Amendment of Constitution Act of Western Australia

The Australia Act 1986 amended the Constitution Act of Western Australia 1890. This act of treason and sedition alterated/omitted “constituted under Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom”.

Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs (ex-Supreme Court Justice)

The smoking gun is hidden in plain sight!

When we see the men and women operating outside of their respective offices being Premiers, Politicians, Police Officers it is our duty to hold them accountable for their actions.

When we are told by Police, the policy enforcers of Corporate Government that the constitution does not apply in Western Australia, this is not true and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

As the media circus reignites the Mask Mandate BS and the COVID narrative, we must remember that these clowns have no more authority than that which we give them. Wear a mask if you want to but you are not lawfully obliged to comply.

14.11.2022 West Australian News Paper

The same applies with our rights to travel in peace of the Kings Roads unhindered. My approach to this situation is not to educate the armed security who work for the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE FORCE [ABN 91 724 684 688] it is to hold them privately liable for their actions and place a commercial lien over their property. If they want to take my property and interfere with my freedoms then I have no problem taking their property.

My Fee Schedule:

  1. For every unauthorised use of the copyrighted name ©Dawn Michelle Kelly/KELLY or any variation thereof without the written permission of the copyright owner, being Dawn Michelle Executor of the Dawn Michelle Kelly Estate, authorised representative of Dawn Michelle Kelly/KELLY; five hundred thousand dollars [$500,000.00] ‘USD’; and also
  • For every invalid claim made in writing, nunc pro tunc to us, One hundred thousand dollars [$100,000,00] “AUD”; and also
  • Unsolicited interference and trespass in my private Matters, One hundred thousand dollars [$100,000.00]; and also
  • Unlawful physical threats to the following including but not limited to restraining us, Dawn-Michelle Kelly, inflicting bodily harm, ten thousand dollars [$10,000]; and also
  • For every Unlawful Arrest, Illegal Arrest, or Restraint or Distraint, or Trespass without a lawful, correct, complete, and original warrant with a wet ink signature: one million dollars [$1,000,000.00] “AUD”; and also
  • Unlawfully impeding our property including but not limited to wheel clamping or anything rendering my property inoperable or unable to use for travel on the King’s roads: Four thousand dollars [$4,000]; and also
  • Administration costs apply to each correspondence that we write to Respondents and/or Agents/third parties is subject to of due to solicited and/or unsolicited meetings, letters of harassment or breach of the Common Law: two thousand dollars, [$2,000.00] “AUD” per person per violation; and also
  • For every theft of property of conveyance/automobile by impounding, towing, or forced removal from any private or public property without written consent from me: fifty thousand dollars [$50,000] “AUD” per day payable convertible at the legal and lawful ratio prescribed by law of Australian Reserve notes to silver dollars per violation; and also
  • Unlawful destruction of my property – automobile, car including but not limited to crushing or irreparable destruction, fifty thousand dollars [$50,000]; and also
  1. For every act of Coercion or Attempted Coercion in an attempt to joinder with Dawn Michelle Kelly Estate, One hundred thousand dollars [$100,000.00] “AUD”; and also
  1. For each taking of fingerprints by force, coercion, or duress: twenty-five thousand dollars [$25,000.00] and also
  1. For each D.N.A. test demanded or taken by force, duress, or coercion during unlawful detainment, including past present and future violations: two hundred thousand dollars [$200,000.00] “AUD”, Total: two hundred thousand dollars [$200,000.00]; and also
  1. For every correspondence we write to court services and agents: two thousand dollars [$2,000.00] “AUD; and also

* One dollar ($) is defined as one (1) troy ounce proof quality 99.9% pure silver coin bearing the words ‘1 Dollar’. Invoices will state the number of silver coins payable.