In principle the United Nations (UN) is a noble and altruistic organisation built on high principles and ideals. Their marketing and PR is amazing. I visited their website and I was impressed but could the UN be the UNdoing of Australia?

The UN, an organisation that was founded for the purpose of world peace and human rights, doesn’t seem to be very effective at achieving their goals. War, famine, human rights violation is rife on this planet.

I question what role the UN has in pushing the GLOBAL VACCINATION PLAN! And isn’t mandatory vaccination a breach in human rights?
The Big Three at the Yalta Agreement

The Yalta Agreement

In the period between 1919 (the Versailles Treaty) and 1945 (the Yalta Agreement), the former under the auspices of the League of Nations, the latter under the newly formed United Nations, the world was divided into mandated territories. The Big Three at Yalta.

In 1948 the commonwealth Parliament created and enacted the Act titled Nationality and Citizenship Act. Such Act enabled the United Nations to officially become ‘the trustee’ over the mandated territory of the whole of Australia.

Because any referendum required to include this particular trustee was never called or conducted, the people of Australia do not know that we have a trustee, in conflict with a constitutional monarch.

The three principal countries

The three principal countries, mandated territories that formed after Yalta to essentially run the world using the United Nations are:

  • The Socialist Republic of Russia
  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom

What powers do the UN have as a TRUSTEE?

Trusteeship Council – a permanent council of the United Nations that commissions a country (or countries) to undertake the administration of a territory

Definition of Trustee: 

1: an individual person or member of a board given control or powers of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified.

2: a state made responsible for the government of an area by the United Nations

Does this mean that Australia is run by the UN! 

food for thought…

The Australian Government is a privately owned American Company


In relation to Australia the secured party holding all collateral relevant to Australia is the Federal Reserve, New York Branch, which is the principle reason why banks operating within Australia must borrow off-shore and are prevented from establishing their own banking structure within Australia (Fidelity Investments).

Resulting from the United States bankruptcy of 1932 and the second World War 1939 – 1945 resulting in the Yalta Agreement made at Yalta, Russia in 1945, birth certificates became part of the 12 collateral demanded.

Within Australia, a mandatory territory, Australian Collateral Securities are moved into a holding company Fidelity Investments via Boston in corporate United States as collateral to the secured party the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve. The only conclusion to make in relation to trading Australian Birth Certificates is that every Australian has been sold and is traded on a daily basis via 21 stock exchanges. THIS IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!!!

It is impossible to have a valid democracy if all of the people “HAVE BEEN SOLD”.

Information relevant to the UN was taken from the High Court writ from Elijahs Challenge website: Brian Shaw.