According the latest treaties signed as the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Hong Kong, China and associated side letters in Sydney on 26 March 2019 it is clear that we are owned by China.

A treaty is defined as “an agreement formally signed, ratified, or adhered to between two countries or sovereigns; an international agreement concluded between two or more states in written form and governed by international law.”

Yothu Yindi – Treaty

There have been so many treaties and agreements signed over the last century that ‘we’ collectively have been be baffelled by babel and trickery. We are unaware what is actually going on and what are the accumalitive consequences of these actions are, although in 2020 it is becoming more evident!

So, if you have the inclination, curiosity and detective skills I invite you to visit the Australian Treaty Series webpage and have a gander. Check out 1910 and 1939 to start with.

Whose Karma is this?

I am a highly intuitive person and my spidey senses tell me that there is fuckery afoot! This whole foreign debt slavery situation that we are in is not my KARMA so why do I have to wear it?

I did not agree to this. I do not give my consent to sign my life away to debt slavery because a group of people with major control issues wanted to own the friggin’ world.

Tacit Aquiescence

For those of you who have been on this path for a while you will be aware of the history that is stems from the Vatican’s dirve to dominate and own the world. By means of Papal Bulls and the influence over the courts. When we are born we are deemed lost at Sea (See n.), we are birthed (berthed) at a Dock by a DOCtor, we are then REGIStered with a berth certificate which is a warehouse document that deems us as dead entities otherwise know as cargo and therefore subject to maritime law.

I choose not to be classified as cargo on this pirate ship so I have taken an oath to anchor mySELF to the true line of Authority that is in alignment with God, King and Country, in otherwords the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that is my DIVINE SELF (Father) MY EMPOWERED SELF (Son/Solar Plexus) and my GROUNDED and HEART CENTRED SELF (Holy Spirit anchored by our ANZACS).

How much debt is Australia in right now?

My method to determining this is by way of intuition using my pendulum. As an intuition coach and the founder of ‘The Inner Compass’ I teach people how to use a pendulum amongst other things to strengthen intuition pathways and processes.

I take some mask free deep breaths and connect in with my higher SELF to confirm that “I am the highest most awakened manisfestion of mySELF” If I get a yes then I proceed. This is where my intuitive navigation comes from.

I also ask if I have permission to ask what I am asking from my highest SELF and all others concerned, in this case I did get a yes. 

The Questions:  

  • Quantify the percentage of debt the Commonwealth of Australia is in: 63%.
  • What is the priority pathway for individuals to take to remove themselves from this foreign debt? To step off of the pirate ship that chains them to admiralty law and move into common law.
  • Is there any information that the person reading this blog needs to be aware of? Yes. (I pendled to see where I could find this information and I was guided to a folder where I keep various legal documents relating to Sovereignty).
  • What is the specific document or information? The Australian Treaty Series 1977 No2, THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, CANBERRA Amendents relating to UNIDROIT. (I was then guided to a document titled THE IMPACT OF THE HAGUE PRINCIPLES ON CHOICE OF LAW IN INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS)

If you are a natural person rather than a citizen the UNIDROIT, international contract law does not relate to you. You are subject to the laws of the land.

  • Is there a time frame that we need to be aware of in terms of clearing this karmic debt for ourSELVES? Yes, 20 months. 20/8/2020 – 20/4/2022!
  • Why is this time frame significant? This is the window of opportunity. Some will choose to align with their Divine SELF connection Heaven to Earth and many will not. Those that leave your life, know that it was their time to do so.
  • Is there anything we can do individually to prepare ourSELVES for this transformative time? Yes, it is important to do an abundance of breath work to raise your vibration. The powers that be know this and enforce the masks to keep the masses from accessing higher levels of thinking.