To be the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation to yourSELF is to understand and step into your LIFE PURPOSE. Your LIFE PURPOSE is your contribution to humanity.

When you are awakened to your LIFE PURPOSE you are truly connected to the bigger picture and how you fit into this world. Many people feel disconnected and powerless and no matter what they do in life they couldn’t possibly make a difference. They are slaves to the system and are disconnected to their greater purpose and meaning.

I facilitated a recalibration session today that was focused on the alignment to the HIGHEST most awakened SELF and DIVINE PURPOSE. We looked at what was showing up for us in our current group manifestation vibration, it wasn’t pretty. There was drama, intense explosive reaction to injustice, lies, deception, fraud, mistreatment, abuse of power and corruption. Game playing and suppression around hoarding of purpose.

Using Inner Compass tools and processes we were able to recalibrate the groups collective manifestation vibration in alignment with the individuals contribution to humanity. What was really interesting that most had rejected their life purpose and were not able to face their truth.

One person had decided not to have children until recently and was now open to this new possibility. We discovered that her life purpose was to be a mother. We looked at clearing the pattern of toxic mothering and breaking the cycle before a child was conceived. It was important to detox and research this subject.

Another person was reluctant to explore her life purpose of a career in law as she had experienced a great deal of trauma through the legal system. Opening up to a new paradigm will be an interesting journey for her as the whole point is to step into the system and understand the rules to assist others as opposed to stepping out entirely.

If you are clueless to your life purpose and understanding how you can contribute to humanity and would like some assistance with this, I am more than happy to help.

Awareness and understanding of this aspect of SELF will greatly assist you to expand and contribute to the collective is an expansive and authentic way.