No matter who you are and what your views are of the world, the one thing that we can all agree on is that we all want a government that truly reflects the will of the people. This current government does not! They only reflect the will of their stake holders and investors. We the People are considered their customers!

It’s Only Business!

The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is listed as a corporation and has an Australian Business Number [ABN 98 724 451 651] and is registered as a limited partnership.

The AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION also has an Australian Business Number [ABN 21 133 285 851].

The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION has an Australian Business Number [ABN 25 707 055 649].

The DEPARTMENT OF THE PREMIER AND CABINET has an Australian Business Number [ABN 61 313 082 730].

The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN TREASURY CORPORATION has an Australian Business Number [ABN 22 300 359 323].

The DEPARTMENT OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL has an Australian Business Numer [ABN 70 598 519 443].

The AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE has an Australian Business Number [ABN 17 864 931 143].

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE has an Australian Business Number [ABN 91 724 684 688].

Time to get off of the hamster wheel!

Repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome is insanity, so why do we do it? Because there is no other alternative, that is until now!

Here is a excerpt from the letter/notice I wrote to Tom Rogers who is the Australian Electoral Commissioner on the twentieth day of the first month in the year two thousand and twenty-two. He knows that I will not be voting in the Corporate Elections, I can only vote for the men and women who have pledged their allegiance to the Original Commonwealth. His silence is his acquiescence.

You (Tom) are officially notified that Dawn-michelle is the Executor of contracts for Dawn Michelle Kelly [ABN: 41 986 775 150], Estate. You are also notified that we are Commonwealth Nationals and not Citizens of the “CORPORATION OF AUSTRALIA”, the counterfeit look alike that has been installed by stealth and subterfuge.

As Commonwealth Nationals we are not entitled to the privilege of voting for political parties, it is your duty to remove Dawn Michelle Kelly, the artificial legal fiction from your voting register. We cannot vote until the Original Commonwealth is restored.

Dawn-michelle, Executor

Non-corporate Commonwealth Elections

The non corporate Commonwealth needs three care takers in each electorate. Please click the link to look at your state

In Western Australia we need 48 caretakers to fill 16 seats. If you are a Commonwealth National of good character, we need you!

If you are wanting real change then I invite you to download the strategy papers of how to Restore and Reclaim the Commonwealth and the Road map below.