Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Opposites, the kingdom where up was down and down was up, good was bad and bad was good, lies were truth and truth were lies, there was a mythical troll. This troll was a tricky little devil and went by many names. Some knew him as the Corona Virus troll, others knew him as the Covid-19 troll, and he was even referred to as the Sars troll. This was by design, he knew that if he had many names no one would ever discover his true identity.

Rumor has it that his true identy is in actual fact the influenza troll or the common cold troll, and was ONLY dangerous for the elders of the kingdom or the immune compromised citizens but he will never admit this as this knowledge would diminish his powers.

He was a master of the Gas Light. Gas Lighting is a dark art that is used to manipulate the way people viewed things. This light was so powerful that he was able to confuse the Citizens of the Kingdom of Opposites. They were so confused that they would believe anything that they were told even if it didn’t make sense to them.

Many of the ruling Wizards of the Kingdom of Opposites would use the Troll to imprison the Citizens. Fear was their friend. The Troll was the key to total control and enslavement. It was the fear that made the citizens sick!

Do you know your crowns????

The troll worked for Epop and Setag, the Keeper of the Gates. Their master plan was to inject everyone with a poison to save them from the troll. In the Kingdom of Opposites where up is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good, truth are lies and lies are truth, they were masters of the Gas Light. Their stories would change and twist and turn. Mixed messages confused everyone.

Now, this story does not end well for Epop, Setag, the Keeper of the gates and the various Wizards of the Kingdom of Opposites, who are also masters of Gas lighting. Their power was deception and deception does not work with Sovereigns, who are Subjects of the Kingdom of Opposites not Citizens.

The sovereigns knew that wearing masks and social isolation was a trick to hide the smell of the excrements of the bull! Their noses were so attuned to this smell they could not be fooled by this gas lighting deception. They knew that the true identy of the troll was the Influenze Troll.

The Sovereign Subjects stood strong and knew who they were and they knew where the stood in the Kingdom of Opposites. They empowered themSELVES by learning magical treaties to protect them and make them immune from the evil lizards and wizards of this land.