Delving into the depths of delicious delusional deception. Deception of others, deception of SELF. Mirrors reflecting mirrors, refelecting mirrors. Chinese whispers upon whispers, caught in the web of our own conscious, unconsious and subconscious propaganda.

Would I lie to you featuring David Guetta, Cedric Gervais and Chris Willis music video

I invite you to explore your own SELF deception and how you have been deceived by others. For Inner Compass® Practitioners and practitioners in training, pendle your lists, discover your story and identify your priority song on this page that will unlock and clear this vibrationally for you. It may be one song or it may be all of them. These songs were intentially selected as they not only have a potent access vibration they tap into the collective consciousness of pop culture. We all have heard these sweet deceptive vibes infiltrating patterns and conditioning.

Annie Lennox: Would I lie to you?
Fleetwood Mac: Little Lies
L L Lies: Diana King
Desmond: Why you always lying?
Cris Cab: Liar Liar
Madcon: Liar
Marina and the diamonds
Arguello ft. Jake Herring and Cavaro: Liar