Embrace the entirety of YOU.

This was the focus of YOU-GA COLLECTIVE this week. If you would like to be a part of next weeks session you will need to book through eventbrite.

Welcome every aspect of yourSELF, your past, your present and your future. Your emptiness and your WHOLENESS, your SHADOW and your LIGHT without judgement or criticism. You are a work of art, an original MASTER PEACE, when you release your resistance to what is…. YOU!

Repeat after me… “I am F***ing AWESOME”!

The YOU-GA COLLECTIVE energy reached its optimum level early in the week and as the week progressed the focus was more specific. I am F***ing AWESOME in my CAREER/VOCATION/WORK. The YOU-GA COLLECTIVE in person session in Hamersley at 3.30pm effectively cleared blockages to SELF confidence in your chosen field of work, this means that for those who consciously joined the COLLECTIVE this week will notice an improvement in the area of your CAREER/VOCATION/WORK.

We also cleared “I am immune to the judgements/opinions of others”. When we are focused on the judgements and opinions of others we lose connection to our PERSONAL POWER. In life, we will always be judged, it is when we free ourselves from self inflicted prison we become FREE.

We also shifted energy around the ‘old school’ male chauvinist energy around the globe that showed up as a stereotype as a typical ‘old school’ Scout Leader. This assisted greatly in creating some movement to FREE us from abuse, sexism and neglect.

It is important that we honour the place our shadow. Understanding that our ‘Inner Bitch’ can be very useful, she is very handy to bring out occasionally to stir things up.

The YOU-GA COLLECTIVE made an impact energetically on 30,000 individuals in Scout movement in Australia and the people of Russia, in both cases male and females alike. The priority song for the collective was The Searchers by Felix Cartal.