You are invited to participate in YOUGA, a very special event and will be held on Saturday 21st September 2019 in Hamersley. When you attend, you will tap into the YOUnified (unified) field to take you on an expansive and eclectic journey to yourSELF. YOU-GA invites you to deeply connect with yourSELF to help shift the consciousness of the planet because it all begins and ends with YOU!

Each session is a different and with every session you attend you will be tapping into the group collective and your subconscious to help you to clear your outdated programs that do not serve you nor humanity.

If you would like to turbo charge your healing pathway in a playful and enjoyable way then register now.

There is a YOUnique playlist that will activate your brain to open up new neural pathways for you. The music is eclectic and may seem random, however, it is not. It is a carefully crafted playlist that will connect with your subconscious with a particular vibrational signature that is in alignment with the YOU-GA Collective.

I look forward to sharing your experiences. Please check out the Psychic Hypnotherapy and Music Alchemy Session to show exactly how music can affect you.

Please bring a water bottle and a blanket and pillow for the meditation.

Click HERE to join us.