For those of you who don’t know what a YOU-GA Map is I thought that I would offer an explaination…

YOU-GA is a process that accesses the YOUnified (unified) field by connecting deeply with yourSELF through, meditation, dance, movement, breath play and YOUnified (unified) intention. During the week building up to YOU-GA each person’s energy is anchored into the field by individual FOCUS READINGS. Each person that registers their intention to participate will receive a FOCUS READING.

The FOCUS READINGS offer deep insight into how to shift, move, open up to, release, attract that which is essential for your AWAKENING and PERSONAL GROWTH along with individual guidance on what is showing up for you.

For me, YOU-GA has a life of it’s own and I am learning so much along the way. Alot of preparation goes into a YOU-GA session. If you cannot attend in person you can always book a remote session, it has the same benefits. You have access to the playlist, a FOCUS READING and YOU-GA map.

What is a YOU-GA MAP?

A YOU-GA MAP is a forecast of what you will be working with and will assist you to integrate the shifts that have occurred during your YOU-GA session.

The Inner Compass YOU-GA Focus which was to UNIFY (YOUnify) the SELF.

Here is this weeks YOU-GA MAP….

YOU-GA MAP 25th May – 1st June 2019

  1. Accessing the matrix to clear abuse patterns
  2. Your body is the key to liberation
  3. Rest and the receiving of healing insights
  5. Balance

Accessing the cosmic matrix to clear collective abuse patterns on all levels, physical, emotional, mental & multidimensional. Calling those others to unite with the purpose to heal our planet.

Your body holds the key to your liberation. Using dance as a way to unlock the past pain will greatly assist you to open you up to change. Your focus for change is in the area of Personal Power. Through music and dance connecting into the unified field you will have access to a clearing portal that will assist you immensely.

Rest and the receiving of healing insights.

Your focus during your YOU-GA session is physical rebirth. Reprogram your cells through music and movement. The physical rebirth process occurs when you consciously engage your entire community of cells through the governing body of the mind through renewal.

During the upcoming week, take time out to rest and meditate to clarify and anchor in your personal healing insights. Don’t overextend yourSELF and practice SELF-care by listening to your body. You will literally be communing with the cells of your body to make a more effective team. What you are seeing in the world is a reflection of you


We are the source of our own suffering. All of our issues stem from within us. Your issue is you. Your thoughts, actions and inaction. Gain clarity today on the healing insight that is showing up for you today. YOU-GA is your meditation it is a reminder or our daily practice of SELF-connection. YOU-GA is the doorway into yourSELF.

Be present and mindful and allow your body to move. Bring your thoughts into focus and have the intention to release subconscious blocks to fulfillment by affirming “I am clear”.


Surrender to the present moment. Focus on yourSELF NOT other people. Retreat into yourSELF to gain the potency of this moment. The more presence you give yourSELF NOW the future ripples of stillness will anchor in a more balanced and effective YOU!

Focus on your HEART and remain centred there. Feel the love radiate from your HEART and feel your energy field expand!

There was a powerful celestial presence at this weeks GLOBAL YOU-GA GATHERING. They were there for support. We opened up a connection portal that helped us as individuals, as a group and the collective to begin to embrace our purpose.

The more that gather the greater the impact on the planet.

The Inner Compass Soul Map in the centre of the room energetically set the framework to unify our multidimensional selves. To LOVE ourselves completely on every level.