My name is Dawn from the House of Kelly

If you are watching this video via the QR Code link, this is your notice of liability. You need to know that if you choose to proceed any further there will be consequences.

The consequences of enforcing policies of the business that you work for, whether that be the WA Police or McDonalds, means that you will be held personally liable for them.

I do not consent  to participating in a world wide medical experiment,

I do not consent to being forced to undertake medical procedures that involve hypodermic needles and PCR tests.

Nano-worms found in a mask purchased from spotlight in Osbourne Park, WA.

I do not consent to being contact traced,

I do not consent to being forced to wear a medical device, which is a mask

I do not consent to lockdown directives based on a flu statistics that include forced quarantine

I do not consent to extortion in any form such as fraudulent fines, penalties and infringements.

I do not consent to trespass of my property, conveyance, home and my body.

Refusal of service will result in you being made personally responsible for your actions. There will be recourse and you will be held accountable.

My fee schedule is 1500 ounces of Silver.

If you choose to proceed then I hope that you have public liability insurance because you will need it.