On the 10th May 2021, I tuned into the COLLECTIVE FIELD to see what it is that we are COLLECTIVELY MANIFESTING. INNERstanding the COLLECTIVE FIELD, it is the VIBRATIONAL FIELD that which we are all energetically part of and contribute to whether we are conscious of or not.

As a collective we are moving from ZOMBIE MISALGNMENT OF PURPOSE. 5G inharmonious frequency Killing as a large manifestation of murder. This violates our spirit song via viral marketing. Stealing the collective vibrational frequency.

Birth paperwork is the underhanded legal ownership of the person. Illness announcement will be blamed infection not 5G or vaccinations/Gene therapy. Illness growth rate due to QR code website checkins. There will be imprisonment manipulation through bending of the truth and medical hypnotherapy (COVID-19 Statistics). Souls peril suicide depart because ultimately it is the individuals choice whether or not they step out of this paradigm.

For those AWAKENED SOULS we are moving into realignment of ACCELERATED SELF-MASTERY JOY.

I invite you to join me in connecting to the COLLECTIVE FIELD through the YOU-GA experience. YOU-GA is a JOURNEY to the SELF and by listening to the music on the video below, let go of your thoughts and your judgements and simply embrace the wisdom of your body how it presents itself to you as you move to the music.


When you tune into the vibration of the COLLECTIVE FIELD, set the intention to Shift from the negative into a higher vibrational manifestation that is ACCELERATED SELF-MASTERY JOY.

As there is no time beyond the NOW TIME when you connect in you are adding to intensifying this intention and amplifying the signal and vibration.

10th May 2021: Collective is at 21% ACCELERATED SELF-MATERY JOY and as we progress and the more people connect we shall see the changes.