Book a session with Dawn

If you are seeking TRANSFORMATION and are looking for a SIMPLIFIED WAY to CLEAR BLOCKAGES in your LIFE then you need to BOOK AN INNER COMPASS® SESSION with DAWN.

When you begin your INNER COMPASS® SESSION you will be asked what is the PURPOSE of your session, in other words what is your DESIRED OUTCOME. From then on in, Dawn has access to many INNER COMPASS® TOOLS and TECHNIQUES and using an intuitive process the story will unfold and the ROOT CAUSE of your ISSUE shall reveal itself.


  • Lack of Self-Love
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Inability to ground
  • Overwhelm
  • Self Sabotage
  • Disconnection from Divine Purpose
  • Various Soul level issues

Anything can happen in your INNER COMPASS® SESSION with Dawn. Depending on your intention Dawn will use whatever is the most effective method to CLEAR YOUR ISSUE.

Her Inner Compass® Sessions may include Music or Dance Alchemy, Relationship Harmonics, a Manifestation Recalibration Session, Astrological Alchemy, Modern Feng Shui, Divinity Codes, KISS Stones, Ascension Stones, a Soul Map, a Goddess Massage or all of the above. For more information on the Inner Compass® tools and processes are available on

Becoming an Inner Compass Practitioner is very easy. You will need to complete the Inner Compass Intuition Online Essentials Course to aquire the foundation intuition skill set required for personal navigation. The cost is $33.00 and it is $33.00 for a reason.

The amount of $33.00 was chosen as 33 symbolizes the highest spiritual conscious attainable by an Individual. 33 also represents Christ Consciousness, the Jesus Connection, and the ascended masters overall. 33 is a Master Number and is the master teacher and master healer vibration. Jesus was crucified at age 33 and Krishna died to repurchase the karma of humanity at age 33. There are 33 sequences in DNA, and in Freemasonry 33 is the highest degree. 33 hertz is also the frequency that synchronizes Sacred Geometry (hence the G on Masonic emblems), Geometry of Divinity = God! When we end a prayer and say Amen, we are really referring to the number 33 and here’s how: It is the numerical value of the letters of the word itself: A =1/M = 13/E = 5/N = 14 = 33.

The Kabalah “Tree of Life” contains 33 permutations of consciousness. The Tibetan Book of the Dead has 33 heavens ruled by Indra and 33 ruled by Mara. We also have 33 vertebrae which is described as Jacobs ladder, the stairway to heaven.