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Are you ready to become the Ascended Master of your life to embrace the the ultimate truth of who you really are? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place and I would recommend that you begin with Mastering your intuition. Heart centered navigation is very important.

Every session/workshop offered on this website is focused on Self Awareness and remembering the truth of who you are. So whether it be an unincorporating the name session or an Inner Compass Session, Self Empowerment, truth and clarity will be involved.

There are three foundation prinicples to Self Mastery by way of the Inner Compass.

  1. Be the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF;
  2. Remain neutral; and
  3. Detach from the outcome.

It is also important to by playful. Life is an adventure, Self Discovery doesn’t have to be serious.