Resources and Links

Join the members only Commonwealth Custodian Website: Attend two support zoom sessions per week, Community chat via discord, Resource library, Groups for support in the areas you are interested in, learn how to set up an “Express Trust”, terms and conditions for contracting, unincorporating the name videos and more.

Unincorporating the Name Sessions

Option One D.I.Y.

Follow the “How to unincorporate the name” videos on the “How to unincorporate the name Group” on the Commonwealth Custodian Website. Support is available by way of asking questions in the group chat or discord.

Option Two Private Mentoring

Book in for a private “unincorporating the name” mentoring session via zoom via and call Josephine-kataraina on 0408 083 144. There is a $111.00 donation. please note that if you do this through an accountant the average cost is around $300.00. Donate Here.

Option Three Group Sessions

Get a group of eight or more people together and book a session via and call Jospehine-kataraina on 0408 083 144. There is a donation of $55.00, available in Perth only.

Video Resources

Educational and support videos are available on the commonwealth custodian website on the dashboard page, the discord channel and in the groups located on this website.

“Dawn Kelly” Videos are available on This is a private membership site, there is no cost to join. It is recommended that you watch the full zoom library.

Keith-charles, the founder of the Commonwealth Custodians currently offers zoom sessions on the Commonwealth Custodian website. One zoom session is for beginners and the other is for members only.

Zombie Apocalypse Support Group Zoom Sessions

These zoom sessions are run most Saturdays at 8am Perth time, you will find the link on, the recordings are available on

Workshops and Online Courses

The Compendium

It is highly recommended that you read the compendium, it gives a complete overview of the “bigger picture”. This book is available on the Commonwealth Custodian websites under resources.

Express Trust Online Courses

The Commonwealth Custodians are in the process of creating online courses for those who would like to set up an Express Trust and learn how to operate in the private.

How to Write Letters as the Executor for contracts for the unincorporated “Natural Private Person” Workshop.

This workshop is done via zoom. If you are interested contact Josephine-kataraina on 0408 803 144. Donation $55.00. The recordings of this workshop can be found on the Practical Lawful Ascension.

Practical Lawful Ascension Online Course

If you are a Commonwealth Custodian it is recommended that you start at the Commonwealth Custodian section for additional support.

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