The Commonwealth Custodian Path

The Great Seal of the Commonwealth

Define where you stand

You stand in the Original Commonwealth. By joining the Commonwealth Custodian Website you pledge your allegiance to the Original Commonwealth, not the Corporate Commonwealth lookalike that was installed by deception, stealth and subterfuge.

Define who you are

You are a living Man or Woman who Occupies the Office of Executor for Contracts. When you Unincorporate the ‘slave’ name that is on your birth certificate or drivers license you become the Executor for Contracts for your natural private person, not the Artificial Public Person, that is owned by the Corporate Government. We use the system to come out of the system.

Define your Authority

By claiming your Estate and becoming the Executor of your Estate you set out your terms and conditions for contracting. The end goal is to set up a Commonwealth Custodian Express Trust and become the Trustee of your Estate.

As a Commonwealth Custodian

You are a man or woman who operates in the private, not in the public. You are apolitical and do not vote for political parties, you only vote for public servants who work for “we the people”.

You are not Legal you are Lawful. You are peaceful and non-beligerent.

You follow God’s Law.

12 Steps to Self Determination

  1. Join the Commonwealth Custodian Website, When you do this you are showing that your natural born or pledged allegiance is to The Commonwealth of Australia and are a National of The Commonwealth not a “CORPORATE AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN”.
  2. Download the Compendium which is located on the Commonwealth Custodian website in the document library.
  3. Become the Executor for Contracts for your unincorporated Natural Person that has an A.B.N. This tells The System that you are not incorporated into it.
  4. Claim your Estate with the Testament to Will by Proclamation, Claim of Right, Occupancy of the Office of Executor, terms and conditions document. You then become the Executor for your Estate.
  5. Learn how to write notices and letters as the Executor for contracts for your unincorporated “Natural Private Person” with and A.B.N.
  6. Move out of the public and into the private.
  7. Purchase an Authorised King James Version Bible (1611). This bible is God’s law book.
  8. Obtain your live birth source document.
  9. Set up an Express Trust with the Commonwealth Custodians and become the Trustee for your Estate.
  10. Learn how to operate your Estate as a Trustee.
  11. Relinquish all political affiliations. Do not vote for a political party, they are essentially franchises of the United Nations. We vote for Public Servants not Politicians.
  12. Know that you are not a corporate “AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN”, you are a Commonwealth National. We are not Sovereign we are Sovereign as a people. You are not a Sovereign Citizen; Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron and are regarded as terrorists by the Corporate Government.