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Practical Lawful Ascension


Practical Lawful Ascensionis an online course designed to bring Australian Citizens and residents up to speed very quickly so that we can all catch up and be on the same page and unite as a nation, not become part of the United Nations.

For over a hundred years Australia has been deceived by a defacto foreign administration government. 26th January, the day that we call ‘Australia Day’ is in actual fact the day that we became an occupied territory. The history that we have been taught is not Australia’s true history. All this information is readily available on Government Websites such as the Australian Treaty Series that clearly shows the depth of the deception.

We are at a pivotal point, we can either stand as a nation or become swallowed whole by the foreign invader, that is the UN. If you weren’t already aware, the UN are the trustees and the beneficiaries of your estate, if you weren’t aware of this, you need to be in order to stand your ground.

As part of this vital course you will learn the true history, some basic information about Acts, legislation and treaties that will empower you as you begin to know your standing. You will also learn about jurisdiction and your power to choose whether or not you agree to contract. Tacit Aquiescence = silence is consent, ignorance is consent and stupidity is consent. Knowledge is power and this knowledge is powerful.

The latest addition to the Practical Lawful Ascension is a unit called the Commonwealth Custodians.

Petition of right online Course Western Australia

Are you a shareholder in the Commonwealth of Australia or a customer of the Government Corporation?

The Petition of Right process puts the Government on notice to give back the commonwealth of Australia to We the People as we know who they are and what they are doing. We the People have put a caveat on the land of the Commonwealth of Australia to stop the Private Political Corporation from selling off our land and assets. We do not take responsibility for the corporation debt.

David’s Petition of Right is a powerful factual forensic document put together by David Walter which uses this loop hole to bring us back to the land as Men and Women of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Petition of Right

RE: The Petition of Right [1627] CHAPTER 13

For Her Majesty the Queen to personally appoint and swear in a Governor-General to hold the Letters Patent re Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) to allow a representative Government of the people as held to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).

You don’t know what you know until you know online quiz

Work out how much you actually know by taking the free online quiz – Answer YES or NO to 69 “did you know” question to fill in the gaps in your learning.

What the HELLth is going on DOWN UNDER?

Has the world gone mad?

Why has Australia, specifically Victoria become a chinese communist state?

Why is the government coercing the Australian people to wear masks, to take an untested vaccines, to be prisoners in their own home and destroying the economy, to dob in their neighbours, to avoid human contact, to contact trace them?

Why is there military police on our streets? Why have we lost our freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of choice?

In order to fully comprehend what is going on now, we must look at HIS-story or perhaps HER-story to know what is YOUR-story… the NOW!

Intuition Mastery Online Course

Our INTUITION, our INNER-TUITION is the most underdeveloped yet the most valuable assets that we have. It is our INNER NAVIGATION system that when set to the HIGHEST of intention can take you to places you never knew possible.

The INNER COMPASS INTUITION MASTERY online course offers you a comprehensive and practical guide to not only MASTERING YOUR INTUITION but as a grounding for SELF MASTERY and SELF-AWARENESS.

It is the gateway to becoming an INNER COMPASS PRACTITIONER.

The Great Unravelling Private Zoom Session

If you are wanting to unravel from the Corporate Beast, and feel bound by the eternal contracts that have held you in bondage for an eternity, then this session may be exactly what you need.

The focus is on working with your priorities to clear all blockages that you may have on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

These are held via zoom and require a donation of $20.00. Click Here for more information.