Your home is a reflection of your inner home, that is yourSELF and has so much to tell you about YOU. This week we renovated our TOILET. It was the room that I wanted to renovate ever since we moved in but due to the long to do list, other things needed our attending to instead… until NOW!

What does your LOO say about YOU?

The toilet represents letting go and detoxification. If your toilet comes up for you as a priority then there is a whole lot of sh*t that you need to release from your life. 

If you draw the toilet card you may need to clarify which area of life that you need to detox. I chose the colour card and the colour card relates to SELF EXPRESSION and how I communicate. 

This is very relevant as communication and SELF expression has been a strong theme for me. I even wrote a blog focused on she said, she meant, he heard. For many reasons, my partner and I were miscommunicating. Our messages weren’t being heard and we were both getting frustrated with each other.

There has been a huge shift this week for both of us. My partner was emotionally constipated and suppressed his thoughts and feelings about many things. This suppression had impacted our relationship and we both needed to let go of all of the petty and inconsequential nuances. At the end of the day LOVE was the only thing that matters.

If you are reading this blog today, I invite you to look at your life and explore what aspects of your life you need to let go to detox your life.