My personal journey with diets, weight loss/weight gain, healthy and unhealthy eating, sugar addiction, body image and SELF LOVE is an interesting one.

This rather dysfunctional relationship with sugar began in my childhood. I developed a sweet tooth from a very young age and remember chocolate, sweets (lollies), cakes and biscuits being a huge part of my family’s culture and was regularly given as a treat or reward. Easter was an event that came with such gifts and at least a dozen easter eggs from my family and friends.

After a lifetime of bipolar eating, fad diets, and junk food diets, I have found that when I don’t eat sugar laden foods and eat a low carb diet in combination with intermittent fasting I lose weight! Infact, I lose ALOT of weight!

When I am in a state of ketosis (which is a normal metabolic process where the body does not have enough glucose for energy so it burns stored fats instead), I can literally see the fat disappear from my body.

I have discovered that it is far easier to fast if I haven’t eaten any carbohydrates the previous day. I seem to have more energy and focus. My body thrives on intermittent fasting and eating a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet. Within a week I can see the fat disappear from my body.

This week I have lost nearly three kilos just by intermittent fasting and limiting my sugar and carbs. A simple way to intermittent fast is to eat within a four to eight hour window because our body goes into ketosis between twelve to twenty four hours depending on the individual.

Signs of Ketosis

Positive Signs

  • Rapid Weightloss
  • Sustained fat loss
  • Reduced cravings
  • More stable energy
  • Clearer cognition

Negative Signs

  • Bad breath
  • Keto flu
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sleep issues

My personal Keto go to’s…

  • REMEMBER: 4g of sugar = 1 tsp sugar
  • Stevia has been an awesome sugar replacement. It is super sweet, 1 cup of sugar = 1 tsp stevia.
  • I replace rice with grated cauliflower. Simply grate your cauliflower put in a frying pan and cover it with a tea towel to absorb the moisture for a while and then fry with oil at a hot temperature keeping it as dry as possible. I add pepper for flavour.
  • Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. I buy the aldi Moser Roth 85% cocoa as it has the least amount of sugar. I has less than 1 tsp per serve and you can rarely eat more than one serve.
  • Replace spaghetti pasta with julienne style zucchini.
  • Replace potatoes with sweet potaoes or yams. They have a lower GI.
  • Replace hamburger buns with a lettuce leaf.
  • Eat fat bombs for sustained energy. They are a high fat, no/low sugar snack. My go to is a DIY cheese cake that contains cacao, cream cheese, nuts, coconut oil, cream, and dark chocolate… YUM!
  • Replace wheat flour with buckwheat and almond flour.
  • ***If you simply cannot avoid carbs make sure you don’t eat your protiens with your carbs. For example instead of eating fish and chips, eat only the chips or only the fish.***

Below is a list of “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” videos…

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Please note that I am not a nutritional expert and the information given in this blog is written from my own personal experience. If you choose to embark on your own keto journey, do you own research and if you have any underlying health issues, please consult a health practitioner.