What if your current financial situation was linked to a vow of poverty that you made in one or many of your past lives? Which means that no matter what you do in this lifetime you will never be financially abundant. If that were true, is there some way to seek help to clear this past life pattern?

The answer is YES!

Vibrational Alignment is a process that aligns your will or intention with the vibration of that which you seek to attract.

I was working with a client recently and we discovered during one of their sessions that their monetary income limit was a mere $250 per week. By Australian standards that is well below the poverty line. Once we identified the root cause which was linked to a past life pattern of a religious vow of poverty, we could clear it.

This process required an ongoing daily commitment from my client to retrain her consciousness and vibration to align with financial abundance. All it takes if five minutes a day to strengthen the frequency so that it holds. It is a process that is empowering and is not a quick fix, however it is well worth the time and effort required.

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