It appears that laws are now made via facebook memes, or so people believe. Here is an overview of the new mandates announced on facebook. Mandates are not law.

Mark the Mongrel Monger of Fear

Most people comply with the Facebook Meme Mandates because they are fearful. They are fearful of a catching a flu that we have a 99.9% chance of recovery from, they are fearful that they will lose their source of income, they are fearful that they will not be able to participate in society in a social sense, they are fearful of the police.

Let’s put things into perspective people die, death is a part of life. It will happen to us all. When you live in fear means that you are easily controlled and manipulated, that is why there is so much fear mongering focus on COVID-19 numbers and statistics.

Rapid Antigen Testing Kits stored at a warehouse

Mark McGowan’s main role is to make money for the Corporation and Western Australians are his customers. His marketing campaign is COVID-19 fear mongering. Mark and his Corporate Government has a private contract with other private corporations, being Big Pharma and he flaunts it. Here is Mark showing us how well stocked he is on Rapid Antigen Tests, yet our supermarket shelves are bare.

Three things are necessary in order to create a mandate. 

  • Firstly, that there should exist something which should be the matter of the contract;
  • Secondly that it should be done gratuitously;
  • and thirdly, that the parties should voluntarily intend to enter into the contract.


McGowan’s Mask Meme, it must be legit!

I do not have a contract with Mark McGowan or the corporate government that says that I have to wear a mask or comply with any B.S. mandates posted on Mark McGowans facebook page.

I phoned Mark McGowans Office on Friday to make a statement on the record which was;

“For the record, I am the woman called by Dawn-michelle, I am one of the people of the Original State of Western Australia,. It is my will that you stop your draconian mandates and open up the borders.


If you would also like to express your will because you have not entered into a contract with Mark McGowan as the Principal and will not follow the Mandates enforced by his Agents and others, then contact his office during office hours and leave a recorded message for him. His office phone number: 61 8 6552 5000.

Another interesting point to mention is that the enforcers of the policies of the Corporate Government only follow State Law, they think that Constitutional/Commonwealth Law does not apply to the Wild West.

Western Australia Joined the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.

Mark McGowan is the C.E.O. for the Corporate Commonwealth here in Western Australia and I belong to the Non-Corporate Commonwealth.

Public Governance and Accountability Act 2014

Disclosure: I am not the best at spelling. I do however love word play and the art of puns, I am also known for my corny Dad Jokes 😉