This is such an interesting time to be alive. We are here to witness the birthing of the new earth. And as our part in this we are all being given the choice to either wake up or go back to sleep. When I say wake up, I mean move from 3D consciousness, which is separation and fear into 5D consciousness which is LOVE, connection, and oneness.

Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth has currently shifted into 5D vibrational consciousness yet has a 3D operating system. There is a current rebooting, a recalibration process that is underway. The entire planet is being made to slow down, reassess and make choices that will inevitably lead to FREEDOM or CONTROL, LOVE or FEAR, ASCENSION or DESTRUCTION. And this process won’t happen overnight. For many of us pain is a powerful catalyst, it is when we are faced with extreme circumstances that we make a choice. When our comfort zone becomes uncomfortable, we take action.

Action is the key, loving action. Compassion and kindness

Many are stuck in a state of confusion as here is a virulent amount of information, misinformation and propaganda going on that many of us don’t know what to believe or how to behave or feel. If I may offer some humble advice, connect to the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourself, be neutral and detach from the outcome when you are being bombarded by the fear mongering, drama focused media. Your intuition is your navigation, master your intuition which will serve you well.

This was sent to me by a friend on Facebook Messenger.

“ I heard that we are in the same boat. But it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship can be shipwrecked and mine cannot. Or vice versa.

For some, quarantine is optimal: moment of reflection, of reconnection. Easy, in flip flops, with a whiskey or tea.

For others, this is a desperate crisis. For others it is facing loneliness. For some, a peace, rest time, vacation. For others, torture: How am I going to pay my bills?

Some are concerned about a brand of chocolate for Easter (this year there were no rich chocolates). Others are concerned about the bread for the weekend, if the noodles and sardines will last for a few more days.

Some are in their “home office”. Others are looking through trash to survive. Some want to go back to work because they are running out of money.

Others want to kill those who break the quarantine. Some need to break the quarantine to stand in line at the banks, marketplaces, grocery stores. Others to escape.

Others criticize the government for the lines.

Some have faith in God and expect miracles during this 2020. Others say the worse is yet to come.

So, friends, we are not in the same boat.

We are going through a time when our perceptions and needs are completely different. And each one will emerge, in his own way, from that storm.

Some with a tan from their pool. Others with scars on the soul (for invisible reasons).

It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance. Not just looking, more than looking, seeing. See beyond the political party, beyond religion, beyond the nose on your face.

Do not underestimate the pain of others if you do not feel it. Do not judge the good life of the other, do not condemn the bad life of the other. Just don’t be a judge. Let us not judge the one who lacks, as well as the one who exceeds him.

We are on different ships looking to survive. Let everyone navigate their route with respect, empathy and social solidarity. “