If you are reading this, then this collective clearing session is for you! You may be directly or indirectly connected to a fractured family situation that is creating pain in your life. Read on and begin to feel the shift…

The collective clearing story was a pendled from the Inner Compass word list to identify the key theme and processes to clear it.

Abuse obsession within the family unit is caused by the Mother’s jealousy trigger. The Mother twists the truth to create new arrangements to decrease the child/children’s time with their father.

Collective Clearing Story

When a family fractures and a division between ex-spouses occurs, children are caught in the middle. The children don’t fully understand what is going on. They just want their mum and dad to love each other and be happy. They want family unity.

For the ‘unconscious‘ parent it is easier to blame the the other parent rather than taking responsibility for their contribution to the situation. It takes an ‘awakened’ and SELF-aware person to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and inactions.

It is important to understand that the Mother isn’t always the root cause, and we certainly aren’t singling out the Mother, she represents the collective wounded feminine within all of us.

Not everyone is prepared to be honest with themSELVES and face their shadow let alone someone who ferverently protects their secrets. How do you co-parent with someone who is in a state of denial defending their ego. The answer is…. you can’t!

Cleopatra queen of denial

The truth is, you can only work on yourSELF. Face your own shadows and demons. Any other party that you are in conflict with is an opportunity for SELF AWARENESS and PERSONAL GROWTH.

Be grateful that you are no longer in a relationship with your ex-spouse and detoxify your life begining with your thoughts. Forgive the other party, for they know not what they do. They aren’t aware that they are commiting family abuse, they are just defending their position.

I love Eckhart’s explaination of betrayal and forgiveness. Enoy your own process of SELF Liberation!