An energy vampire is someone who feeds off the emotional and psychic energy of others. Energy vampires are everywhere and can literally be anyone; a friend, a family member, a child, a son, a daughter, a work colleague, an acquaintance or even a romantic partner.

With every relationship, there is an energetic exchange. Being aware of this energetic exchange and recognising how you feel when you are around others is literally the key to increasing your energy levels and improving the quality of your life. 

Some relationships energise you and others drain you. But the most important relationship you have is with your SELF!

Dawn Kelly

If you are reading this, you are being asked to explore your relationship with energy vampires. Why are you attracting them? And what part of you, if at all is an energy vampire yourSELF. Taking full responsibility and accountability for our thoughts, feelings, actions and inactions.

Types of Vampires

  • THE Victim or Martyr Vampire
  • The Narcissist Vampire
  • The Dominator Vampire
  • The Melodramatic Vampire
  • The Judgemental Vampire
  • The Innocent Vampire

There is perhaps another twist to this drama… could you infact be an energy vampire to yourSELF? Are your thoughts about yourSELF and others draining you dry?

Vampire Diaries

  1. Make a list of the people in your life and quantify how you feel around them. Using a scale of 100% for energised and -100% for completely drained. 
  2. Own your part: If you feel energetically drained by a person, identify what kind of vampire they are and become aware of the part that you play in this relationship. For example if you have a friend or a family member who is in victim mode, then look at how you feed this behaviour. 
  3. Identify your thoughts and feelings when you engage with the energy vampires in your life. Feeling guilty, obliged, disempowered, resentment, anger and suffocated could be your leaking point. This is your energetic neon sign that gives the energy vampires permission to drain you. 
  4. Set healthy boundaries. Learn to say no, state your needs, limit or avoid contact with this person and above all stay in your HEART. 
  5. Identify your vantage point. When you engage with an energy vampire are you coming from egoic mind or are you in your heart, your HIGHER God SELF perspective. This is helpful to readjust your perspective. This literally is all that is needed to raise your vibration and become impenetrable.