How do you maintain a healthy mental/emotional balance when the whole world has gone mad? We live in a time of great deception, our media is controlled by a handful of people who dictate the official narrative.


Have you ever wondered why ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA repeat the SAME MESSAGE over and over and over again? OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD is in full flight. 2020 MK Ultra program is Covid-19!

Have you ever considered that ‘WE’ the collective are being experiemented on? MK Ultra Mind Control Experiements

He who controls the media controls the mind

Your mental and emotional well-being is being attacked!

How do you maintain a healthy mental emotional balance when the MAIN STREAM media constantly bombards us with messages of FEAR, CONTROL, VIOLENCE, DEATH, SICKNESS, ISOLATION and WAR?

The solution is simple… TURN YOUR TV OFF!

It is underestimated how a healthy mindset impacts our immune system. LOVE is the most potent medicine for our immune health


What does the MEDIA and GOVERNMENT have to gain by making us scared?

A fearful and docile population is easy to control and to manipulate. Whatever we fear, we see as our enemy. We are compelled to defend or attack and it creates division and disharmony.

The Reptilian Brain

The REPTILIAN BRAIN is the “lower” portion of our brain and resembles that found in crocodiles and snakes. Its major function is survival!

The reptilian brain operates on the premise of dominate or be dominated. Other traits include an inability to learn from mistakes, control over autonomic bodily functions, like heart beat, respiration, body temperature, mating, and sleep. In humans, qualities like rigidity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, worship, fear, submission, and greed are attributed to this older portion of the brain.

When we are fearful or feel threatened then our default operating system in the REPTILLIAN BRAIN. We become disconnected from our ability to think or reason, we react!

Taming Reptilian Reactions

We can override these primitive reptilian reactions and tap more into our neocortex. Studies have shown numerous ways of short-circuiting the reptilian brain. This requires a conscious choice, a paradigm shift, and an opening to all that we can become and evolve into.

So many people are overwhelmed by the stress and demands of daily living. Many of us can barely keep our lives together, and to consider changing our thinking paradigm can be terrifying. That is why the majority of people settle for mediocrity and remain thinking the same way they always have.

The Neocortex – The Conscious Mind.

The Neocortex is involved in higher brain functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and in humans, language.

How do we access the Neocortex?

This is simple, it is the breath that connects us to our Conscious Mind. Focusing your attention on your breath by way of a breath portal allows us to access our HIGHER SELF/HIGHER MIND!