FREE KISS Stone Alchemy Online Course

My gift to you is an invitation to learn more about KISS Stones for FREE!!!
KISS Stones are an exclusive INNER COMPASS healing tool that I divined then designed some time ago, I use KISS Stones regularly in my Holistic Practice, which is why I am able to clear energy blockages so quickly.

I have launched the FREE KISS Stone Alchemy Online Course, which is a unique online course created to inform and bring awareness to this amazing metaphysical technology. KISS Stones… Keep It Simple Sunshine!!!

KISS Stones are more than a pretty round black stone with a golden symbol on them, they contain is specific coding combined with sacred geometry that was developed with an abundance of research and experimentation. KISS Stones communicate at SOUL LEVEL as the language of the soul is numbers and symbols, part of the developmental research included understanding the work of Dr Grigori grabovoi who works with a process that involves healing by numbers.

KISS Stone Alchemy Course Curriculum

  • What are KISS Stones
  • Sacred Geometry
  • The KISS Stone Bible
  • How to Ground yourSELF using KISS Stones
  • How to raise the frequency of water using KISS Stones
  • How to raise the vibration of your food using KISS Stones
  • Gentle Detox using KISS Stones
  • Emotional Release using KISS Stones
  • How to cleanse a crystal using a KISS Stone
  • Meditation enhancement using KISS Stones
  • KISS Stones and relaxation
  • Past Life Clearing Demonstration using KISS Stones
  • How to do a chakra balance using KISS Stones
  • KISS Stones and Intention Boards
  • Aligning the spine using KISS Stones Demonstration

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