Stop the SELF-HATRED cycle

Are you willing to face your deepest and darkest shadow? Delving deep into the abyss of the shadow SELF? When you begin the journey of SELF MASTERY you must be willing to face yourSELF at your worst. Stare into the eyes of your innermost demons.

It is easy to focus on ‘fluffy spirituality’ but the true work lies in your shadow. Every single person has the capacity to be and experience everything. We are darkness and we are light. Experiencing the fullness of who we are we must be willing to explore everything.

Are you stuck in Groundhog day?

When something triggers you, that is a golden opportunity to dive deep within what is causing this reaction. It is easy to deflect and blame others. That is the safer option. Facing the truth can be extremely uncomfortable if you are defending your shadow feverently.

I was recently reminiscing my highschool days and this led me through an interesting process as I was able to shine the light on my 13 year old SELF looking through the lens of my now 40 something SELF. I hadn’t wandered down the highschool memory lane for quite some time and what I found was that the more I talked about it, the clearer I could see things. I was reliving the feelings and thought processes my teenage SELF.

What I came to understand was that at this point in my life, I was not a nice person! I was difficult, judgemental, lacked confidence, felt stupid, had no friends and hated mySELF! Whilst I was talking I could hear mySELF describing life as a teenager at highschool days and in a way this was the first time I had truly heard mySELF and saw mySELF.

I finally worked out that my shadow SELF is a 13 years old. Teenage Dawn was a mega bitch! She hated the world and pushed people away. On one hand she wanted connection and acceptance yet was an extreme rebel and did everything she could to push people away.

As a teenager I would blame other people for my own shortcomings. This meant that I didn’t have to take responsibility for what was happening in my life. I played the ‘victim’.

It was during this period that puberty set in, my body was changing and I felt confused and very alone. It was a time of change and uncertainty. Puberty was challenging as it is for most of us. Pimples, body hair, boobs, weight gain, menstuation! I was so critical and self loathing. The deeper I got into adolescence the more extreme my negative thinking became.

I now look at my 13 year old shadow and I understand that her way of seeing the world came from an insular loop of SELF HATRED. I was living my very own Groundhog day. In many ways this program still has air time in my head.

When I find mySELF judging others harshly and finding ways to isolate mySELF, I now embrace my shadow. I step into those feelings of discomfort to enter the mine field of triggers. I take a deep breath and I connect fully with my teenage mega bitch shadow and ask her what she needs… The answer is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

If you would like to clear a pattern that has been holding your back in life then an Inner Compass® Session is the fastest way to break free.

Bill Murray says… ‘You’re Awesome!”

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