Divine Goddess, The Great Mother, Lilith, Kali

The collective pain body of the SACRED FEMININE is calling to be healed. This week’s YOU-GA COLLECTIVE is focused on identifying all the parts of you that have been dominated, bullied, suppressed, repressed, belittled, ridiculed, raped, abused, pimped out, shamed and disempowered.

We all have the SACRED FEMININE & the SACRED MASCULINE within us and you are being asked to create balance by moving from a PATRIARCHAL DOMINATION and reconnecting to the SACRED MOTHER in the spirit of openness and forgiveness.

See yourSELF as the empowered GODDESS, not a demonised and polarised antithesis. We are all shadow and light. LOVE yourSELF as you are and embrace yourSELF as whole and complete.

Understand that this week can be a powerful vehicle for transformation is you choose.

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