Years ago, eating Mersey Valley pickled onion cheese was a pleasure that came with a cost. It was divine going in and hell coming out! There was something in this cheese that did not agree with my digestive system.

Mersey Valley Cheese… YUM!

I am a stubborn thing, I wouldn’t accept that this was the end of my relationship with Mersey Valley pickled onion cheese. At the time I was running a weekly group called ‘The HAppiness Connection’ and we would playfully experiment with concepts and ideas in an open and non judgemental way.

The HAppiness Connection:

On one occasion a member of our group arrived with a jar filled with what looked like healthy green juice. The purpose of drinking this drink was to nourish her body so she could be healthy. She was stressed and incredibly busy. There simply wasn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. After hearing how stressed she was and all the events of her life, we decided to muscle test her on whether her body reacted positively with the healthy drink that she was drinking.

We calibrated her body’s response yes and no. Strong was her bodies yes response and no was her bodies weak response. We proceeded to explore what was going on through a process of questioning and how her body responded in general to the drink. Long story short, she tested weak with her green drink. This ‘so called’ healthy drink was having a negative impact on her body!

Why was this so? It was organic, high in nutrients and full of antioxidants. logically you would have thought that this would have been good for her.

We explored this further and determined that her stressed out vibrations were negatively impacting what she was putting into her body. She had been carrying around this beverage for most of the morning and was stressfully racing around doing what needed to be done in her life. This drink had been absorbing her stress so in effect she was drinking more stress!

We wanted to know whether we could influence and raise the vibration of her green beverage to be in harmony with her body. The answer was yes. She held her drink for several minutes and projected LOVE into her drink. She became calmer and happier and was focused on LOVE.

This was all she needed to do. This was what I did to the Mersey Valley pickled onion cheese. It worked, I thanked the cheese and sent gratitude and love to the cheese. This lasted for five minutes or so, then I ate the cheese with no negative effects. Heaven going in and heaven going out!

Quite often the busyness of our lives takes over and we forget to be present in our lives. We get lost in the craziness and the whirlwind of stressful thoughts and emotions. The ultimate key is to slow down and focus on LOVE. Especially when we eat and drink. Send love and gratitude to our food.

The late Dr Emoto illustrates this so beautifully with his crystalline experiments with water. The video on gratitude is the process we followed to raise the vibration of our food and drink.

KISS Stones

Another way to achieve the same results is with KISS Stones. Simply place them under your food or drink before and/or during your meal. KISS Stones contain sacred geometry and divinity codes, which are a collection of 33 different symbols in combination with numbers. They connect in at SOUL level to clear that which needs to be cleared in a profoundly simplified way.

Raise the vibration of your water