Inner Compass® Tools

Inner Compass® Intuition Kit

The Inner Compass® Intuition Kit is a 4 piece box set containing:

  • 1 x Inner Compass® Chart
  • 1 x wooden pendulum
  • 1 x Inner Compass® Instruction Booklet
  • 1 x Inner Compass® Note Pad

The Inner Compass Intuition Kit is the original SOUL MAP and can be used to clarify an issue or as an energetic clearing tool. The Inner Compass® board is encrypted with codes and intent to connect at SOUL level to clear easily your blockages and issues. The language of the SOUL is numbers and symbols.

The Inner Compass® is a must have intuition tool if you are looking to access your intuition to gain clarity and insight into your life. The instruction booklet if fairly straight-forward to follow.

There are many ways to experience the Inner Compass® Intuition Kit.

The original intention was for the Inner Compass® to be used as a guide to explore your issues and your Inner SELF to gain an understanding and awareness to clarify and empower. It is essentially a DIY psychic tool kit.

Using Inner Compass® KISS Stones and ASCENSION Stones you have the ability to effectively clear blockages directly at source. Dowsing using your pendulum and Muscle testing is a very powerful tool to navigate this process.

Please note that there is an Inner Compass® online Intuition Essentials course available on Udemy which is the prerequisite for the Inner Compass® Practitioner Course, which is an IICT approved modality.


Inner Compass® KISS Stones were divined and designed by Dawn Kelly in 2012. The Inner Compass® KISS Stones are encoded with a very special combination of numbers and symbols that connect at SOUL level to easily clear that which is holding you back in life. The language of the SOUL is numbers and symbols and the coding on the Inner Compass® KISS Stones is called the CLARITY CODE.

The Inner Compass® KISS (Keep It Simple Sunshine) Stones are very easy to use. When they are in the facing up position (SACRED MASCULINE) you are releasing and when they are in the facing down position (SACRED FEMININE) you are recieving. When you introduce a third KISS Stone to the mix you are connecting with the SACRED NEUTRAL.

Simply put, the Inner Compass® KISS Stones are portals to release or recieve. They are not crystals and do not work in the same way as crystals do. Their clearing properties do not come from the black stone, the black stone simply grounds the Divinity Code to make it more efficient.

When the Clarity Code first came into being, it was printed on a piece of paper. It was through a process of exploration that it was discovered that the clearing took slightly longer to process.

SACRED GEOMETRY DIVINITY CODES are an important Inner Compass® tool. Some key functions of this DIVINE technology are:

  • Activate your LIGHT BODY
  • Clear negative emotions
  • Grounding
  • Cleanse crystals
  • Raise the vibration of your food
  • Clear blockages very quickly
  • Opening up the flow of universal chi (a modern feng shui process)

to name a few….

5cm diameter x 1cm height

Inner Compass® Divinity Codes

Inner Compass® Divinity Codes are a set of 33 symbols that connect in at SOUL level to release or clear blockages, used in combination with numbers they are a powerful Inner Compass® Module 3 Practitioner tool. They are used to open up the cosmic flow of energy.

Awakening Cards Coming soon…

These very special Inner Compass® cards awaken you to your DIVINE POTENTIAL. They can be used in many different ways as they create a shift in consciousness. Use them as a meditation practice or as part of an Inner Compass® Session.

This Awakening Card is called ‘PURPOSE’. I invite you to gaze upon the Inner Compass® ‘PURPOSE’ card below as a meditation and see what magic manifests for you in regards to your DIVINE PURPOSE.

  • New Beginnings
  • Sweet Release 
  • Purpose
  • Expression
  • Transformation

The Inner Compass® Awakening Cards are sold individually, not as a set.

Love Your Home Insight Cards

The Love Your Home Insight Cards are a unique set of 26 cards that allow you to see what is going on in your home and your life at every level. Included are instructions on how to give yourSELF a Love Your Home Reading. You will be amazed by the connections between your house, body, and Soul, and the discoverry of how these cards can guide you to a life filled with deeper meaning.

Can be used in an Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui session or to give a simple Modern Feng Shui reading.

Feel the Love Insight Cards

Whether you are looking for romantic relationship guidance or general advice you will certainly get the answers that you are looking for. from these amazing cards.