We were recently given the cutest, sweetest and loveliest kitten by a close friend of ours. We named her Shmoo as she was the shmoochiest kitten in her litter. She brings a playfulness to our home and we love watching her explore the world and her cuddles are divine.

What we didn’t expect was this adorable fur ball to be a terrorist. The thing is, she doesn’t know that she is a terrorist and is oblivious that her innocent and playful shenanigans are negatively impacting the other fur family members, namely Lucy (AKA granny) and Suzie (teenager), who happen to be burmese cats.

Pre Shmoo, Suzie, our burmese teenager ruled the roost. She spread the love everywhere. However, since Shmoo has come onto the scene she has become scarce. Lucy, our granny burmese is hanging around but suffering at the hands of the tabby terroist.

Suzie loves Basil. Suzie spreads her love.

I have been watching this relationship dynamic for a while now and needed to let things play out. Suzie was incredibly jealous of Shmoo. The only conversations they have is Suzie hissing and reeeeoooowing. She is not a happy girl.

Lucy our granny cat needs special care, she is at the stage of her life where she is slowing down and wanting peace, quiet and lots of cuddles. She is a renowned foodie and is a food critic in her own right and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Shmoo has other ideas, she is a whirlwind of chaos.

Somewhere is the middle of all of this is Basil, our canine kelpie who is the most placid and gentle of creatures. He is so very loved and spoilt with constant love and attention. He understands that cats are above him in the pecking order so all is well in his world.

Prince Basil!

Things were at the stage where I need to intervene and work my magic. As you can see, I have stated a Relationship Harmonic process with my fur family to understand the underlying issues.

Suzie and Shmoo are both very connected and individually open and flowing with life. Their relationship harmonics are off. Suzie is feeling jealous of our new fur family addition, after a period of sulking and tantruming she is now at a point where she is ready to reinstate her position in the fur family heirachy.

Now, Lucy is going through her own individual struggles as she feels that she is being bullied by our new kitten as she is young and they are at different stages in their lives. When Suzie reinstates and reclaims her position, it will balance out the relationship dynamics and harmony shall prevail.

The key that underpins the whole situation is me. I need to reconnect with Suzie and show her how loved she is. She has been through a tough time, which she has brought on herSELF. I feel that she needed to go through this as one of her life lessons. This was her wound story, her dark night of the soul. Coming through this will take lots of kindness, care and understanding, patience and time.