“Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it!”

If you take a few steps backwards and view the world and your life as a Seinfeld episode, the tradegies actually turn into comedies. Seinfeld’s characters shine the light on our EGOic selves. They show us who we are when we focus on the pettiness and get sucked into the bullsh*t of drama.

What on earth are we believing to say what we say and do what we do? Do we actually believe our stories or are we lying to protect our ever-so delicate egos. All of the characters in Seinfeld are comicly flawed and rather lovable.

Seinfeld lie detector test

I wonder what would happen if you could see your life as a comedy. How would your life change? How differently would you see you life and the world in which you interact with.

The other day I had a brief moment where I turned into Elaine and my friend played the part of Seinfeld. We revelled in our pettiness and bitchiness, we had a laugh and then moved on. It was a welcomed comic relief to step away from political correctness of life and have a blah moment.

I had become increasingly aware that my life was starting to look like a dramatic mini series, the plot which I can honestly say could be movie worthy. A movie that I was not enjoying being involved in so I decided to exchange the genre for a sit com.

I wonder what character you play in your life. I wonder what movie genre your life is and I wonder if you are wanting to change channels?