Recalibrate 2019!

What a session this will be… A powerful recalibration on every level for the year ahead, aligning you to your highest most awakened self and divine purpose. Exploring the unified manifestation field of the group we will not only be recalibrating our inner GODDESS manifestation vibration but many other GODDESSES too.

GODDESS CIRCLES are about FRIENDSHIP, COMMUNITY and CONNECTION. These are very important ingredients to thrive in life.

Join me on the FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH to connect with a genuine and authentic support network to catapult you joyfully into the month ahead.

The GODDESS CIRCLE a NON-JUDGEMENTAL SAFE space to SHARE. It is a confidential group that offers the FREEDOM TO BE YOURSELF. Through the wisdom of the group we all understand and grow.

We will explore meditation, breathwork, spiritual concepts and practices, the INNER COMPASS, music, art, humour, gratitude and more.

Please bring a plate to share if you wish to.
Tea and coffee available.
$15 (EFT POS available)
PH: 0421 332 290

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