Religion is a set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas and practices that define the relations between human being and the sacred or Divine. A given religion is defined by specific elements of a community of believers: dogmas, sacred books, rites, worship, sacrament, moral prescription, interdicts, organization. The majority of religions have developed starting from a revelation based on the exemplary history of a nation, of a prophet or a wise man who taught an ideal of life.

Religion is a belief, and a belief is a thought that you have thought over and over and over again. There are no facts in the bible or any religious text, just guidelines on how to live your life. However… Your heart and soul knows what feels right for you without any external rule book. I have visited many places of worship throughout the world spending time in mosques, temples and churches of numerous religions and what they all had in common was a deep sense of peace and reverence. There was a divine feeling that transcended words and religious practices, there was just connection. I didn’t need to know the rules, I just needed to be there.

I have put together a selection of religious comedy, so if you have a spare hour or so and are in need of a good laugh, then enjoy. And remember, he’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy! 😉

Religion does no harm Bill Maher