Karen Preedy, she has the voice of an angel!

Dawn Kelly

I met Karen Preedy on the weekend of the Psychic and Wellbeing Expo at Hillary’s Boat Harbour in November 2019. Our paths crossed when I heard a beautiful angelic voice singing a few meters away from my marquee.

I introduced mySELF as it was part of a succession of synchronicities that were happening that day in regards to sound and music alchemy. Long story short, I asked her and her friend Kaye, whom I met the day earlier as she was in the stall next to me with her husband Eric, if she and Kaye were willing to be part of a playful experiment that involved her voice.

She was intrigued and agreed. Her voice was so beautiful that I felt it had a vibration that could clear energy very quickly. I muscle tested Karen, Kaye and mySELF as we stood in a circle. Our solar plexus areas tested weak and I was curious to see if this earth angel could change that with only her voice.

She sang a beautiful song, I can’t remember the words or the melody. All I remember is that I felt a deep emotional shift. She needed to repeat the song to complete the process. It was profoundly simple and powerful.

When the song/process was complete I muscle tested the three of us and our solar plexus tested strong. Solar plexus relates to personal power, for more information click this link.

What was interesting about the three of us is that we are all gifted women who were all holding ourselves back in some way. Up until that point, we hadn’t completely stepped into our full EMPOWERED SELF. As women we all had focused on the men in our lives and had neglected our own path and purpose. This needed to change. Divine consciousness was there to support us.

A talented Digeridoo player joining us mid way through an Inner Compass Process that was releasing the Martyr Archetype.

Please listen to this beautiful song by Karen. It is a Divine sound. I would love to hear from you and whether you felt the shift with you too.