Astrological Magic is a process that identifies your current priority issue and uses your astrological natal chart as a tool to bring insight and understanding to an aspect of your life that needs clearing.

Using KISS Stones and other Inner Compass Practitioner tools we are able to shift any blockages that are preventing us from stepping into our LIFE PUPOSE.


Delays, hold ups, restrictions and limitations can be extremely frustrating especially when you are focuses on expanding. Contracting is part of the cycle of expansion. Understanding that timing is everything can bring the presence of patience and peace.

We live in a society of instant gratification where everyone wants what they want when they want it and god forbid if there are any delays or interruptions. We become impatient and demanding lose connection with the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of ourSELF.

I know that I have had moments of frustration when it comes to hold ups and delays as I am sure that we all have. It is helpful to be aware that here is a bigger picture that we are not always able to see as we are so focused on the smaller picture of me me me.

I have learnt that when I slow down, I am able to see things more clearly. This slowing down creates a deepening of SELF so that when things come into fruition you are able to fully appreciate the outcome.

For more information about Saturn check out my blog post on Saturn. It may give you some insight into the aspect of your life that are in focus for you right now.