Unincorporating your Name & Mentoring via Zoom

As you begin to unravel yourself from the system and ‘come out of her’, you will need to know who you are, where you stand and where you get your Authority from. The reason we find ourselves as slaves in “The System” is because we have been deceived and the deception begins from when you are born and the creation of the “Birth Certificate” which creates the Incorporated Legal Person/Fiction.

Everything you know or think you know about This World that we live in, is a lie.

Unincorporating the Name session is one of the foundation steps to ‘coming out of her’ this process uses ‘their’ system to come out of the system.

The next step after this is to learn how to write contracts as the Executor of Contracts. Grasping the foundation principles will assist you to negotiate the offers to contract that come to your door.

Before Your Session:

  • Join the Commonwealth Custodians Website: www.commonwealthcustodians.org
  • You will need to set up an ASIC account and be able to log into your account.
  • Ensure you have your tax file number
  • Make sure you have a Bank/debit Card
  • Set up two accessible email addresses as the ASIC website is temperamental
  • Pen and paper

Please confirm that you have fulfilled your requirements prior to your session.

Maximum session time 1.5 hours. Book your session HERE!