What most people don’t realise is that the Western Australian State Government is nothing more than a business and their “doing business name” is the “WESTERN AUSTRALIAN TREASURY CORPORATION”. It is located in Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, it generates $1.19 billion in sales (USD). The Key Principal is KAYLENE GULICH. This Corporation does not work for ‘We the People’ it works for their investors. www.dnb.com

The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE is also a business and their “Doing Business Name” is WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE. Their Company is located in EAST PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia and is part of the Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities Industry. It generates $1.13 billion in sales (USD). There are 382 companies in the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE corporate family.

Fun Fact: When I typed in “WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE” into the search bar of the Dunn and Bradstreet Website (www.dnb.com), I was denied access…. Interesting!

The Western Australian Police force was established in 1829 and became an incorporated business in 1999 when the Commonwealth of Australia was floated on the US Stock Exchange and it also has a prospectus.

Western Australian Police are not under Oath

The Western Australian Government Corporation have a nice little racketeering operation going for them and they do this with the help of their mates at the Department of Fines Enforcement Registry (FIR) through the Department of Justice [ABN 70 598 519 443].

What I find interesting is that all roads lead to the Drivers License. Non payment of fines, and this could be a parking infringement, a speeding fine or any COVID-19 related fines will cause a disqualification of the Drivers License. Most people eventually pay the fine because they do not want to lose their drivers license privileges.

If you are stopped by a police worker without a valid drivers license they contract the services of AAAC TOWING [ABN 73 109 180 350] who are a Private Australian Company and they will impound your vehicle and send you an invoice for an unsolicited service. This is extortion!

AAAC TOWING PTY LTD is located in WELSHPOOL, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia and is part of the Automotive Repair and Maintenance Industry. AAAC TOWING PTY LTD has 22 employees at this location and generates $2.44 million in sales (USD). There are 6 companies in the AAAC TOWING PTY LTD corporate family. The Key Principal is ADRIAN ALBERT DI LALLO.

I am not surprised that AAAC TOWING PTY LTD [ABN 73 109 180 350] has generated $2.44 million in sales (USD) with the private arrangement they have with the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE [ABN 91 724 684 688].

Beware of Police Workers with Blackened Flags on their uniform, they do not follow their own policies.


It is important to define which jurisdiction you are in. Are you in a corporate Commonwealth jurisdiction or a non-corporate Commonwealth Jurisdiction?

Australian Citizens are in the Corporate Commonwealth Jurisdiction and Commonwealth Nationals are under the non-corporate Commonwealth Jurisdiction.

A statute cannot be a cloak for fraud.

Equity Maxim

Essentially the original Commonwealth has been usurped by stealth and subterfuge by foreign occupiers and it is our duty to reclaim and restore the Commonwealth. In 1910, 8 hague war on land treaties were entered into force on the day we call Australia Day. The more you look the more you realise it’s just one big lie and the reason we don’t know this is because they signed a treaty in 1939 to change the way they taught history in schools.

Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 (Imperial)
If you are interested in learning how to unincorporate yourself and your car and move into a different jurisdiction, this information can be found on the Practical Lawful Ascension Online Course.

Remedy: Practical Lawful Ascension Online Course

Practical Lawful Ascension Online Course

Reclaim and Restore the Commonwealth: www.commonwealthcustodians.org

Australian Treaty Series Web link