Officers of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE [ABN 91 724 684 688] enforce the policies of the Department of Transport [ABN 27 285 643 255]. They are a technologically advanced mercenary militia for profit and gain of the Department of Transport amongst other things…. Prove me wrong!

Joining the DOTS

The Department of Transport (DOT) [ABN 27 285 643 255] was established on 1 July 2009, under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 to enable and administer legislation and to provide a service to their customers under the leadership of the CEO.

WAPOL are a private mercenary Militia for the Profit and gain of the Department of Transport – Prove me wrong!

Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008 defines the CEO as the chief executive officer of the department of the Public Service principally assisting in the administration of this Act;

Empowering our customers and keeping Western Australians connected, secure and safe is at the heart of everything we do at the Department of Transport (DoT).

Iain Cameron – Managing Director
Department of Transport | 2022-23 Annual Report Snapshot

In 2022 out of necessity and under duress I was forced to ‘elect to go to court’ to challenge an allegation made by the Department of Transport.

I was convicted on paper for an ‘alleged offence’ by way of summary judgement in the form of an infringement notice issued by the Fines Enforcement Registry resulting in a memorial being placed over my property for non payment of fines.

The accused, DAWN MICHELLE KELLY, was charged with one offence contrary to section 10, subsection (6) of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012.

Peter Woronzow, the DOT CEO’s primary role is to administer the acts in Transport ministers portfolio. Peter chose to prosecute ‘DAWN MICHELLE KELLY’ and was unable to prove his claim.

Three notices and an Estoppel was sent to Peter Woronzow, he ignored our legal notices and lost in court. Subsequently a true bill was given to the DOT Lawyer Ms Veloo to the tune of $30,000.

DOT Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Peter Woronzow discloses information about you to the Police so they can enforce the Department of Transport policies.

Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008 s.13. Disclosure of information to corresponding authorities

(1) The CEO may disclose information to a corresponding authority about —

(a) any action taken by or on behalf of the CEO or the Commissioner for Main Roads under a road law; or

(b) a direction, authorisation or notice of a kind mentioned in section 18(2)(a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f); or

(c) any information obtained under a road law, including any information contained in any records, devices or other things inspected or seized under a road law.


Read carefully before you sign.

It is an offence to knowingly give false information.

• WA road laws (as defined in the Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008) require you to provide specific information and evidence to establish your identity and residential address. In addition, a health professional may have to complete a medical assessment in relation to your fitness to hold a driver’s licence or learner’s permit.

• The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DoT may need to disclose your personal information to third parties to verify that it is correct, as permitted by law.

• Information you provide must be true, correct and complete. Providing information that you know to be false or misleading could result in criminal proceedings and the cancellation of any driver’s licence or learner’s permit issued to you.

• We will provide you with a DoTDirect account.

DECLARATION I declare that the information provided in this form and supporting documents is true, correct and complete. I understand the above Privacy Statement and consent to the CEO of the Department of Transport using and disclosing any personal information provided in accordance with the Privacy Statement.

DLA1 Driver’s Licence Application Form
Department of Transport Western Australia
ABN 27 285 643 255

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DoT may need to disclose your personal information to third parties to verify that it is correct, as permitted by law.

As a customer of the DoT, the Drivers Licence contract waivers all your privacy rights by virtue of the signature. Peter Woronzow can and will disclose the information you provide to the DoT to other third parties, including but not limited to the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE who enforce the policies of the Department of Transport.

Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) s.91. Effect on other laws

                   This Part does not, except to the extent that it does so expressly or by necessary implication, limit or restrict the operation of any other law or of any principle or rule of the common law or of equity, being a law, principle or rule:

                      (a)  under or by virtue of which an obligation of confidence exists; or

                     (b)  that has the effect of restricting or prohibiting, or imposing a liability (including a criminal liability) on a person in respect of, a disclosure or use of information.

Infringement Management Reform Project for Customer focused solutions!

The Road Safety Commission is leading the move to digital and online infringement processing to save costs and provide more customer focused solutions

The Infringement Management Reform Project will modernise the system used for issuing Safety Camera detected infringements in WA. 

The Road Safety Commission is leading the move to digital and online infringement processing, which will provide more customer focused services and flexible payment options for drivers who receive an infringement. 

Working with WA Police and the Department of Transport, the Commission is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for customers. 

It is anticipated the new infringement processing system will be operational by the end of 2024. If you would like more information about the project, email

The Infringement Management Reform Program will deliver a new infringement processing system, a new way of working and new technology that will provide more efficient customer focused services and flexible payment options for drivers who receive an infringement. The new infringement management system will be able to leverage across government infringement processing efficiencies and will provide the capability to expand automated traffic enforcement in line with evolving technology. The contract for the purchase and implementation of the new infringement processing solution was awarded in August 2022. The new system is expected to be operational in the second half of 2023-24.

WA Govco spent $9,050,338.16 in 2022 – 2023 on marketing this campaign to their customers!


Initiative Media Australia Pty Ltd were paid $5,268,744.83

Police Brand Marketing

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE have a strong visible presence on the Kings roads of the Commonwealth of Australia within the Original State of Western Australia. They claim that are targeting mobile phone use and seat belt non-compliance and heavily penalising DOT customers by way of hefty fines.

I personally acknowledge that police have a vital role to play in our community policing, responding to emergencies and investigating crime. There are people in the world who do not follow the common law principles; Do no harm to others, don’t damage property and be honourable in your words and actions and on that basis we do need a police force.

Please note: I am grateful for the service that the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE provide, acknowledging the conditions they are subjected to and the trauma they may or may not have experienced as a result of their job.

Police Oath

s.10 Police Act 1892 (WA)

‘We the People’ as customers of the Department of Transport need to start asking questions to the sworn constabulary. They have taken an oath to serve our Sovereign in their office under s.10 Police Act 1892 (WA), without favor or affection, malice, or ill will… faithfully according to law.

LAW (Land Air Water) being: Land: Common Law, Air: Ecclesiastic Law and Water: Admiralty, contract law.

Maxim of Law: Ignorance of the law is no excuse

The Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008 was proclaimed to have royal assent by Kerry Sanderson who was the fictional Queen of Australia as per the letters patent 1986 (Australia Act 1986), she assumed office and was installed as Governor of Western Australia in 2014.

Police Constables are sworn officers of the Crown. They enforce legislation administered by the DOT that was not given royal assent, only the assumption of assent.

The crown was removed from every court in Western Australia in 2004 through Part 8 – Acts Amendment and Repeal (Courts and Legal Practice) Act 2003

Act means any Act or Ordinance passed by the Parliament of Western Australia, or by any Council previously having authority or power to pass laws in Western Australia, such Act or Ordinance having been assented to by or on behalf of Her Majesty;

s.5 Interpretation Act 1984 (WA)

If a Traffic Offence is a crime where is the victim?

Wooden Spoon Award

“What KPI’s are the enforcers of the policies of the Department of Transport required to meet in terms of revenue raising?”

It is widely known culture in WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE stations that the Cop with the lowest number infringements gets the ‘Wooden Spoon Award’.

wooden spoon is an award that is given to an individual or team that has come last in a competition.


Who owns the Roads?

‘We the people’ own the Roads of the Commonwealth of Australia within the Original State of Western Australia according to the ‘Public Works Act 1902’ held under the portfolio of the Minister for finance.

s.85 Public Works Act 1902

Code of Conduct