During this time, the time of the GREAT AWAKENING it is SOULfully advantageous to express your intention of that which you intend to manifest for your personal timeline. Meaning that clarity and purity of consciousness will open you up to a higher vibration or dimension. 

The SHIFT could be so subtle at first that you are not fully aware of it. You may wake up and everything may seem the same, except… you feel more compassionate towards others, your heart is more open to love and you feel a deep connection to humanity. The triggers you used to have are no longer there, you don’t react to drama in the same way. The world hasn’t changed initially, your perception of it has.

Kryon Imagining dimensions

When you settle into this NEW REALITY the world will begin to align with you through the vibration of your heart…

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

Take advantage, adding vantage to your life, improving your view of the world. Take this time to go inward, to your inner ward, your place of perception and protection to find the stillness within. Be clear on what it is that you wish to manifest during this time and watch the magic unfold.

When your inner world changes your outer world changes.