The next time you purchase an antique or anything second hand with a history attached, be aware that you may be buying more than you bargained for.

Lost souls, vengant souls, traumatised souls in some cases are attached to an item of meaning to them when they were alive. Op shop clothes and bric a-brac, antiques including furniture, jewellery, ornaments and artwork may include their previous owner/s!

I remember trying on a dress in an op shop and the feeling I got from this dress made me want to throw up. The energy attached to the dress was toxic. I did not want to be taking that home with me!

I recently feng shui’d a home that was attracting a negative flow of universal energy. The Universal Flow of Energy (UFE) was minus 100%, this was not good news for the occupants of the home. When the home or occupant is in minus flow then they attract extremely negative events and situations into their lives.

What we worked out was that one of the occupants of the home was an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia. He had quite an extensive collection including knives, helmets, photos, coats and cuttlery.

One thing that stood out was a box of spoons with the SS symbol printed on the lid. What unfolded was rather interesting!

Around about the time the male occupant had purchased the box of spoons to add to his collection was when things began to go south for the family. Circumstances began to change for the worse. Relationship dynamics became toxic and unethical transactions began to occur which had not shown up before.

As it turned out the spoons came with an unwanted house guest. A male SS officer for some reason was attached to the SS spoons. He was creating havoc on this poor unsuspecting family.

The deceased father of the male occupant had liberated jews from a concerntration camp during the second world war so war was very much a part of their family history. His passion to collect Nazi memorabilia had stemmed from LOVE but this unwanted house guest that came with the SS spoons had been wreaking havock on this unsuspecting family.

This vengeful soul was not a nice energy to meet. He was quite happy to inflict pain and negativity on the occupants of this home.

The Solution was simple… He needed to go!

Once I had identified the root cause of the negative flow of Universal Energy, I needed to remove this unwanted house guest. I used a combination of the SELF-LOVE Ascension Stones and KISS Stones. The process took about half an hour and I felt an instant relief.

The key was to reconnect this Soul to SELF-LOVE. It felt like a sweet relief for him too. When a soul has lost their way, this relates to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for SELF.

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