Inner Compass Courses

Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course.

The Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course is a prerequisite to the Inner Compass® Practitioner Course. The course covers everything you need to know about intuition and basic navigation tools.

  • Understanding Intuition
  • Connecting with the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF
  • Inner Compass® Meditation
  • Dowsing and the pendulum
  • The importance of GROUNDING
  • Trusting yourSELF
  • Questioning your thinking – The WORK
  • Understanding priorities
  • Word lists and clarification
  • Opening your MIND
  • How to give a basic reading

All Inner Compass® Practitioners in training must complete the Inner compass® Intuition Essentials online course.

Module 1 Inner Compass® Personal Navigation

Inner Compass® Personal Navigation will give you the essentials to begin your journey as an Inner Compass® Practitioner.

  • The life path of an Inner Compass® Practitioner (The Way)
  • The role of an Inner Compass® Practitioner
  • Code of conduct and ethics
  • Intuition tools and techniques: Recap and integration
  • Breath Portals
  • The Inner Compass® Navigation System
  • The Inner Compass® Questioning Process
  • Inner Compass® Resources
  • Inner Compass®Light Body Activation Process
  • Inner Compass®Light Body Activation Soul Map
  • Emotional Release Process
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique Advanced
  • Introducing your KARMA Council (Keep All Reactive Emotions Away)
  • Making the KARMA CALL (Keep All Reactive Emotions Away by Connecting Addressing Listening and Letting go.)
  • Completing the process

Each Inner Compass® Practitioner in training must complete 25 case studies that include the Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique (Minimum of 10 Advanced Inner Compass® Inner Compass Conflict Resolution Technique) demonstrating a high level of competency.

Complete and submit the Module 1 Inner Compass® Practitioner Assignment within a period of 8 weeks of the course.

Module 2 Inner Compass® Soul Navigation

Inner Compass® Soul Navigation will help you to connect/reconnect at SOUL level to assist you in your SOUL navigation pathway. You will learn how to clear issues/blockages very quickly by accessing SOUL communication.

  • Sacred Geometry and Divinity Codes (Elementals)
  • Introduction to Inner Compass® Soul Maps
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Life Lessons
  • Ultimate Detox Divinity Code
  • Inner Compass® Surrogate and distance clearing
  • Inner Compass® Past Life Clearing Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Soul Map
  • Introduction to Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui Introduction
  • Opening the flow of Universal Energy
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Inner Compass® Heart Centre Opening
  • Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui Soul Map

Each Inner Compass® Practitioner in training must complete the Inner Compass® Module two assignment within 8 weeks of the completion of the course.

Module 3 Inner Compass® Spiritual Alchemy

Inner Compass® Spiritual Alchemy is for advanced Inner Compass® Practitioners who are ready to take their practice to the next level. You will have full access to the Inner Compass® Divinity Codes and advanced Inner Compass® Soul Maps and processes.

  • Exploring the 33 Divinity Codes (including numbers)
  • Opening up the cosmic flow
  • Foundations of Self Mastery
  • Self Mastery – Ancient wisdom
  • The Torus Field
  • Love Soul Map
  • Self Love Codes
  • Coalescence Alchemy (Heart Medicine)
  • Mind Clearing Soul Map
  • Relinquishment Soul Map
  • Cellular Healing Soul Map
  • Advanced KISS Stone Clearing

Module 4 Inner Compass® Divine Alchemy

Inner Compass® Divine Alchemy is for Inner Compass® Practitioners who wish to become Inner Compass® Alchemists and facilitate their own Inner Compass® groups known as Circles. You will receive everything that you need to support you through this journey.

  • Inner Compass® Know thySELF – the foundations of SELF MASTERY
  • Responsibility to the Client/Group
  • Inner Compass® Awakening to SELF
  • Inner Compass® Creative Clearing Portals
  • Inner Compass®Amplification Soul Map
  • The Alchemy of Happiness
  • Inner Compass® Alchemy Circles and procedures
  • Sacred Altars
  • Blessistants and Heartners
  • Inner Compass® Relationship Alchemy
  • Inner Compass® Music and Dance Alchemy
  • Inner Compass® Evolution Alchemy
  • Inner Compass® Yin/Yang Manifestation Invocation
  • Inner Compass® Manifestation Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Navigation Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Vantage Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Foundation Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Abundance, Regeneration & Growth Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Deepening Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® BUX Soul Map

All Inner Compass® Alchemists in training must complete the accreditation checklist in the back of the Inner Compass® Divine Alchemy Self Mastery Journey Book.

  • Inner Compass® Astrological Magic
  • Inner Compass® Recalibration Workshop
  • Inner Compass® Music Alchemy
  • Inner Compass® heART Alchemy workshop
  • Inner Compass® Manifestation Vibration Awareness/Restructure