I recently received an email from on of my Inner Compass Students who informed me that Australia Post refused to print a personalised stamp with the image of the 1901 federal land flag claiming it breached their guidelines.

Australia post deemed the stamp design that was submitted contained nationalistic and politically motivated messages or flags.


In Western Australia, Australia Post has an ABN: 20 136 063 623 and is registered to an ISMAIL, ABDI RISAQ.

In Victoria, Australia post has an ABN: 28 864 970 579 and is an incorporated entity.

In New South Wales, Australia Post has an ABN 11 883 852 548 it is registered as an unincorporated entity.

It is clear that Australia Post is a privatised business and so is our Government. Our ANZACS fought and died under the 1901 federal land flag, I think that we all need to order this stamp.

My suggestion is to take a photograph of yourself with the 1901 federal land flag and see what happens.


Dawn x