Colour and lighting are very important to me in a space. Colour and light have a vibrational frequency and as an empath I am highly sensitive to both colour and lighting. I enjoy colour and get a lot of pleasure from immersing mySELF in colour.

When you share a space with others, especially your significant other, you won’t always agree on colour or lighting. Everyone is different and has different tastes and requirements.

I prefer mood lighting and coil at fluorescent, bright and interrogation type of lights. The harshness of light feels like an assault on my senses. I light candles and turn on selenite and stained glass lamps when I want to create a relaxing space. My partner on the other hand feels that the brighter the lighting the better. Mood lighting isn’t so important for him, he likes to see what he is doing, he is a practical kind of guy!

My partner recently replaced nearly every light in the house with ultra bright energy efficient lighting. I found the lighting to be painfully bright and it became a bone of contention as I was not feeling positive about this drastic change in my environment.

The solution was dimmer switches. This was a beautiful compromise as it gave us more choice. Depending on what was going on we can now have bright lighting or mood lighting. Totally a WIN WIN situation.


Changing the lighting in our entire home is a reflection of what is going for us on a deeper level. We are literally shining the light on issues that are in dire need of attention in all areas of our life. Due to circumstances outside of our control we have had to put our personal goals and progress on hold for quite some time. We have recently began looking at our personal priorities and recommencing the projects we have had on hold for quite some time.  

One thing that has become to light is PERSONAL SPACE and SELF-EXPRESSION. I have always been precious about colour however it was now time to co-create a space with my partner that involved him choosing the colour of our bedroom. He needed a space that was in harmony with him. Our relationship needed more Yang energy in our bedroom and he needs to express himSELF in this room.

This room is a work in progress, so watch this space for our Bedroom updates….