Why is it so important to recognize the significance of TWO WA ANZAC DAY LOCKDOWNS in a row? It is VERY IMPORTANT!

WA went into a snap lockdown from midnight on Saturday 24th April for the duration of three days. A state of emergency extension was declared on Wednesday 21st April two days prior to this snap lockdown. We have had a year of emergency extensions.

Our ANZACS fought for our freedom. They were courageous men who faced the threat of death to ensure that we would be FREE. They would be horrified to see our nation in 2021 held captive by a medical gustapo.

Your illustrious leader Mark McGowan has banned all Western Australians from attending ANZAC services in WA. Prior to the snap lockdown the numbers were capped and gatherings were to be strictly monitored.

Even the Melbourne Shrine of remembrance was fenced off two days prior to ANZAC day.

Our ANZACS fought for our FREEDOM and even to this day they hold the key to our SALVATION. Within the main chamber of the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance is the cornerstone that defines our realm, the realm of the living man, God’s realm that was secured to us by our ANZACS. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13. 62,000 ANZACS sacrificed their lives so that we could be a sovereign nation.

The arc of the covenant sits in the shrine and shows us that this is our arc. The melbourne shrine of remembrance is holy ground. The pool of remembrance was removed so that we would not stop and reflect our fallen and what their sacrifice meant to our great land. It is our biblical land claim and ‘they’ don’t want us to remember.

Who are ‘they’? That is an interesting question. They are faceless evil that hide in the shadows, they are those that influence the hollywood and the media, they are the puppet masters behind our politicians, they are globalist bankers, they are those that influence the UN, they are those that ‘own’ us.

In 1948, we stepped onto the CitizenSHIP and the UN became our trustees. We stepped from our realm into their realm of deception. Sailing on the sea of trickery. As a citizen, you are a slave. You are state owned.

How can we honour our ANZACS? We honour them by anchoring ourselves onto the LAND. With gratitude and honour Fly your red duster, your 1901 federal land flag, be brave and strong. Know who you are and where you stand with honour and integrity.