If you are involved in serious conflict then this is an exciting time for you. If you are reading this right now you are receiving immense support. War is upon you and the cavalry has arrived.

It is a day to speak truth and be in your absolute integrity. The opposing forces are strong right now and the game playing will come to an end. Karma will prevail and you are being Divinely supported.

This is a day when your childhood wounds will resurface and you now have the opportunity for significant personal and SOUL growth. In general you have the tendency to put the needs of others before yourSELF in an attempt to help, nurture and support them. This is not the time for martyrdom because it will open the door to serious SELF NEGLECT. Serious SELF CARE is required to be as centred and calm as possible.

The propaganda will end and the lies and deception shall be seen in the light of truth.

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