There are two commonwealths, a corporate commonwealth, and a non-corporate commonwealth as defined in the Public Governance, performance and accountability act 2013. The corporate Commonwealth is legally separate from the non-corporate Commonwealth and the non-corporate Commonwealth is part of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Australia has been stolen and “we the people” have been lied to. They are telling us that we have been invaded by a foreign corporation.

Voting is a trap!

No matter who you vote for, if you vote in the Commonwealth Election in 2022 you are signing over your power of attorney to a corporation that will place you under the control of the United Nations. Your name will become surety for IMF debt. You and your future generations will become debt slaves to a One World Government.

The 2022 Commonwealth election was based on a fake election writ and was commanded by his excellency Special Minister of State, Ben Morton. Ben Morton has no more authority to command an election than the CEO of the McDonalds.

All election writs must have royal ascent. After three referendums the people of the Commonwealth of Australia voted NO to becoming a republic. The corporate Commonwealth is telling us that they are a republic. Ben Morton, David Hurley and Thomas Rogers are in Treason.

Are you a STATE owned Citizen or are you a Commonwealth National?

Australian Citizens are owned by the Corporation, Commonwealth Nationals are protected under The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (imperial) which is our founding document that protects our rights as men and women of The commonwealth of Australia. Get off of the UN citizen-ship, pledge your allegiance to the commonwealth as a Commonwealth National, claim your Estate, move into the private and unbind yourself from the contracts that do not serve you.

The non-corporate Commonwealth elections will be held in the very near future. This is our only way out of this mess.