The 14th February 1966 is a very significant date in the History of Australia, it was the day that Australia’s currency was changed from Gold backed Sterling pounds, shillings and pence to the decimal currency of dollars and cents, which is backed by nothing more than a promise and a Vatican prayer .

It was reported that Harold Holt was lost in the Sea, perhaps he was taken by the currents of the holy sea/see of commerce. It is rather interesting that his disappearance ties in with the disappearance of the Common-wealth, the wealth of the people, THE GOLD!!!!

This change of currency was done without a referendum and as you will see it was influenced by the International Monetary Fund. The privately owned political parties introduced a currency that was foreign to The Organic Commonwealth of Australia. This is why we are now in the pickle we are in and the UN are here.


HAROLD HOLT’S PRESS STATEMENT: Canberra, 12 December 1967

While our external reserves have fallen to some extent from the very high level they reached in 1963–64, they are still relatively strong.

Our reserves in gold and foreign exchange amount to dollars, 1,070 million. Our drawing rights with the international monetary fund total dollars 630 million. Therefore, our total first and second line reserves is dollars, 1,700 million.”

“Since 1948, the Pound value of our currency in relation to other currencies has been established with the international monetary fund–as have the pound values of most other national currencies outside the communist world. “


I encourage you all to download the IMF’s WORLD BANKS COVID-19 Business Plan and watch Leith’s video in the links below.



Dawn-michelle Private


An Act about the governance, performance and accountability of, and the use and management of public resources by, the Commonwealth, Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies, and for related purposes

10 Commonwealth entities

(1) A Commonwealth entity is:

(a) a Department of State; or (b) a Parliamentary Department; or (c) a listed entity; or (d) a body corporate established by a law of the Commonwealth.

Note: Paragraph (d) does not cover bodies corporate, such as Commonwealth companies, that are established under, but not by, a law of the Commonwealth.

(2) However, the High Court and the Future Fund Board of Guardians are not Commonwealth entities.

11 Types of Commonwealth entities

There are 2 types of Commonwealth entities:

(a) a corporate Commonwealth entity, which is a Commonwealth entity that is a body corporate; and

(b) a non-corporate Commonwealth entity, which is a Commonwealth entity that is not a body corporate.

Note: Corporate Commonwealth entities are legally separate from the Commonwealth, whereas non-corporate Commonwealth entities are part of the Commonwealth.

The Office of Public Governance, Performance and Accountability is Occupied by Keith-Charles and will be protected by the trustees of the Non-Corporate Commonwealth.

If you are Australian Citizens then you are part of the Corporate Commonwealth and are liable for the Corporate Commonwealth Debt. If you are Commonwealth Nationals, you are part of the Non-Corporate Commonwealth.

David Walters ‘Petition of Right’ shows the evidence of the how the Wealth of the Commons was stolen from ‘we the people’. In the Western Australia Constitution Act of 1890 which is our founding document .

The Western Australia Constitution Act 1890

72. After and subject to the charges herein-before mentioned, all the Consolidated Revenue Fund shall be appropriated to such purposes as any Act of the Legislature shall prescribe. Provided that nothing in this Act shall affect the payment of the annual interest or the principal sums mentioned in any outstanding debentures, or of any other charge upon the public revenue, as such interest, principal, or charge becomes due. Nor shall anything in this Act affect any pensions or superannuation allowances which at the commencement of this Act are by law chargeable upon the public revenue of the colony, but all such pensions and superannuation allowances shall remain and be so chargeable, and shall be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Funds and all rights and benefits which at the commencement of this Act are by law claimable by or accruing to any civil servant of the Government are hereby reserved and maintained: Provided, nevertheless, that the power to suspend or remove any civil servant from his office shall be vested in the Governor in Council. [DOCUMENT TWENTIETH PAGE ENDS HERE]

The Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF)

A fund established by section 81 of the Constitution, consists of all revenues and moneys raised or received by the executive government of the Commonwealth. The CRF is self-executing in nature, which means that all money received by the Commonwealth automatically forms part of the CRF.

Here is the pdf of the transcript of the Commonwealth Constitution section 81 that is referenced, yet it has been omitted!

Unincorporate yourself from the corporate Commonwealth

There are two commonwealths, the Corporate fake Commonwealth and the non-corporate Commonwealth. If you want to ‘come out of her’ and onto the land then you need to become a Commonwealth National. You need to unincorporate your name, learn who you are and join the Commonwealth Custodians.