Before you send the PETITION OF RIGHT document to the Queen you need to fully comprehend what this document actually is.

By petitioning the Queen you are claiming your share of the company of the commonwealth of Australia as a shareholder. You are also placing a caveat over the land to ensure that the CORPORATE GOV CO do not sell the land of our Commonwealth of Australia for their own selfish gain.

WE THE PEOPLE stand together as one to claim what is rightfully ours. We are the CUSTODIANS OF THIS LAND! We need to PROTECT our SACRED MOTHER EARTH and STOP the RAPING and PILLAGING and this sickening CORPORATE GREED!


  1. Place two holes in the centre of the LHS long edge of document.

2. Measure 8cm from the hole to the edge bottom and top of the page and punch a hole.

3. Insert the purple ribbon through the two middle holes from underneath the document measuring equal lengths.

4. Then thread the two lengths of ribbon into the outer holes.

5. Pull the ribbon through two middle holes and tie a bow on the top of the document.

6. Glue the holes and the bow with a hot glue gun or clear glue. A hot glue gun is ideal.

Use purple ribbon because this symbolises that you have equal status to the Queen.


When posting your PETITION OF RIGHT DOCUMENT to the QUEEN, make sure that you send it by REGISTERED EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL POST. You need to retain your REGISTERED POST NUMBER which is your BILL OF LADING. This number is VERY IMPORTANT. 

You will need to refer to your BILL OF LADING NUMBER in all correspondence with GOVCO and other parties. Our BILL OF LADING NUMBER is EJ277969905AU.

We included 5 individual petitions with the main document and it cost $57.30. This was a cheaper option as we split the postage amongst 5 people.


Once you have posted your PETITION OF RIGHT document to the QUEEN you will need to send her an email with your bill of lading number.


When you send SCOTT MORRISON and the ALLEGED STATE PREMIERS and many others a copy of your PETITION OF RIGHT you need to add a cover letter.

When sending a copy of your PETITION OF RIGHTS DOCUMENT to GOVERNMENT AGENCIES send the following:

  • David’s petitition of right
  • Your petitition of right relevant to your state
  • The Caveat (you need to sign this)
  • Royal Styles and Titles Act 1953
  • 1890 Partnership Act

When you are sending YOUR 14 PAGE PETITION OF RIGHT DOCUMENT to GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, ensure that your petition of rights document is printed on legal paper.