Practitioner Starter kit

The Inner compass® Practitioner Start Up Kit contains:
Inner Compass® Intuition Tool Kit
6 KISS Stones
3 Ascension Stones

The Inner Compass® Intuition Kit

The Inner Compass® Intuition Kit is a 4 piece box set containing:

  • 1 x Inner Compass® Chart
  • 1 x wooden pendulum
  • 1 x Inner Compass® Instruction Booklet
  • 1 x Inner Compass® Note Pad

The Inner Compass® is a must have intuition tool if you are looking to access your intuition to gain clarity and insight into your life. The instruction booklet if fairly straight-forward to follow.

There are many ways to experience the Inner Compass® Intuition Kit.

The original intention was for the Inner Compass® to be used as a guide to explore your issues and your Inner SELF to gain an understanding and awareness to clarify and empower. It is essentially a DIY psychic tool kit.

The Inner Compass® board is essentially a SOUL MAP, it it encrypted with codes and intent to connect at SOUL level to clear easily your blockages and issues. The language of the SOUL is numbers and symbols.

Using Inner Compass® KISS Stones and ASCENSION Stones you have the ability to effectively clear blockages directly at source. Dowsing using your pendulum and Muscle testing is a very powerful tool to navigate this process.

Please note that there is an Inner Compass® online Intuition Essentials course available on Udemy which is the prerequisite for the Inner Compass® Practitioner Course, which is an IICT approved modality.

Box 22.5cm x 17.5cm x 4.5cm


Inner Compass® KISS Stones were divined and designed by Dawn Kelly in 2012. The Inner Compass® KISS Stones are encoded with a very special combination of numbers and symbols that connect at SOUL level to easily clear that which is holding you back in life. The language of the SOUL is numbers and symbols and the coding on the Inner Compass® KISS Stones is called the CLARITY CODE.

SACRED GEOMETRY DIVINITY CODES are an important Inner Compass® tool. Some key functions of this DIVINE technology is:

  • Activate your LIGHT BODY
  • Clear negative emotions
  • Grounding
  • Cleanse crystals
  • Raise the vibration of your food
  • Clear blockages very quickly
  • Opening up the flow of universal chi (a modern feng shui process)
  • to name a few….

5cm diameter x 1cm height


Ascension Stones are three stones containing sacred geometry and divinity codes that will unlock some very deep processes to help you connect to your cosmic SELF.

The ‘I Am’ Ascension Stone, the ‘SELF-Love’ Ascension stone, and the ‘Freedom’ Ascension Stone complete the Ascension Stone set. They are a vital Inner Compass® Practitioner tool and is used in many of the processes.